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Hello: I am that new member. My chosen display name, Para Handy, might be a clue to one of my interests. Para Handy was a creation of author Neil Munro and was the likeable rogue skipper of a Clyde puffer. So, that’s what that’s about. 

I have built a few wood and even plastic ship models, but not for a while. Now that I have retired from my retirement occupation, I want to get back to marine modelling. I have a Caldercraft Northlight Clyde puffer, which I started a number of years ago. R/C and construction techniques and materials have moved on to a bewildering degree - I’m bewildered anyway. To come across a resource like this is a ray of light in the mirk. I hope all you seasoned old salts will indulge an elderly newbie asking the old, well worn questions I’m sure you have heard before. I promise not to rabbit on inanely. 

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5 minutes ago, Para Handy said:

I hope all you seasoned old salts will indulge an elderly newbie ...

Sounds like you will fit right in, and our 'seasoning' is a work-in-progress. There are no stupid questions; trawl through the build logs and new member introductions and you will see that the same issues stump builders all the time.

Welcome to MSW, ask away!


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Welcome to MSW - from the other side of the world! 


By all means lurk till you feel ok with posting - but do start a build log for your puffer when you begin building. A lot of people feel a bit overawed by the whole idea of putting their stuff up for view, in case they get criticised or laughed at, or their stuff isn't good enough to pass muster. Be sure that will never happen to you here - I've never come across such a supportive, positive forum, where everybody is so friendly and helpful.


And it's a very good way to get help and advice.


The instructions for starting a build log are here:



Nice to have you on board!

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