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FINALLY, ready to start my first build! As some of you know, my Polaris kit (and the Beagle kit, too!) were supplied with warped keels that I tried to straighten w/o success by using some MSW suggestions. I ended up ordering replacement keels from Occre; they were delivered yesterday, and, though much better than the originals, are not perfectly straight. The suggestion to cut my own keel was beyond my skill (and tool) set. I realize this is an inexpensive beginner's kit, so the quality is what you pay for, I guess.


Meanwhile, with some friends' help, I made Doc Blake's keel clamp just to be building something ship-related, though I now realize it won't be much help after all the ribs are fixed.




This is what the new false keel looks like; the wrong-way bend between ribs A7 and A8 doesn't seem like it will affect the structure as long as I take care to glue the ribs properly.




I'm using Havelock's technique for clamping the ribs to the keel using small metal corner braces to keep the ribs square.






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Looks like a good start. I'm not familiar with this kit, but the final product looks like a good level for a starter kit before tackling something more complex. Hope you'll keep us updated as you proceed!

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