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HMS Snake was launched in 1797 as the only member of her class of brig-sloops. She captured or destroyed two French privateers and one Danish privateer. She also captured numerous small merchantmen, but spent time escorting convoys to and from the West Indies. She was sold in 1816.


Scale: 1:64

Length: 910 mm

Width: 350 mm

Height: 910 mm


And now the build begins.



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Again a little update.


The gun bulwarks are in place.

It was a little tricky but it goes better than I thought.

A few minutes soaking in hot water and the job was done.

Also placed the stern facia and stern facia knees.

And the stern counter facia.

The first plank can be placed.

Enough talking so time for some pictures.





Verschansing 1.JPG

Verschansing 2.JPG


Holle wulf.JPG

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Thank you Sjors.  It’s good to be back and I have started my Caldercraft Granado again and I also have a very old Mantua Endeavour model.....I will try and make something of that as well.


i also caught up on your other build....the Nuestra Senora....but it looks like that one is causing you some problems...?  I hope you can succeed with it.


i look forward to your updates.


Best Wishes.



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After a few weeks of planking and a little bit more sanding the hull is smooth!

A smooth substrate  for the second planking.

That will start in a few days....

For now pictures.

I don't make any stealers or drop planks because you don't see a thing about it!

Just the easy way 🙂





!e beplanking 1.JPG

!e beplanking 2.JPG

1e beplanking 3.JPG

1e beplanking 4.JPG

Achtersteven 1.JPG

Achtersteven 2.JPG

Boeg 1e beplanking.JPG

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And a little update again.....

Thank for the likes and the visiting.


Second planking done and after a few hours of sanding I'm happy how she is.

It is so smooth the I can not trust my fingers 🙂

On the picture it looks otherwise but that's the light I believe.

I have now a good underground for the paint nd the copper plaates.

But first the inner bulwark and deck planking.





Second planking 1.JPG

Second planking 5.JPG

Second planking 2.JPG

Second planking 3.JPG

Second planking 4.JPG

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2 hours ago, Mike_H said:

Good progress Sjors.  Double-sided tape is interesting, did you apply it to the hull and then stick on the tiles?  On another point, I'm thinking of buying some Proxxon tools, and I can see you have some.  What do you recommend?



Thanks Mike,


Yes I apply it to the hull, then take off a part of the paper and lay down a tile.

I will show it to you tomorrow when I'm doing the rudder.


All my tools are Proxxon.

There are 4 things that I use the most of the time.

That's the lathe 250DB for tapering the masts.

The disc sander.

The mini table circular saw

And the bench drill with the  Micromot 20 150 cross table.

And for the lathe ,see if you can find the extension.

I will post a picture of that tomorrow.



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First the copper plating of the rudder.

The first picture you see the under layer of te tape and above it the layer with the paper still on it.

The second picture you see the copper plates.

Easy to work with.


Then the lathe.

You see the extension bed and the total length of the lathe with the extension bed.

I mond the bed is difficult to get but mine was bought in the UK.

Don't ask me where because it was a gift from Mobbsie.(also a member of MSW)

More questions then just ask.






Rudder 1.JPG

Rudder 2.JPG

Lathe 2.JPG

Extention bed.JPG

Lathe 1.JPG

Edited by Sjors
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Hi Sjors

Thanks so much for the details of the coppering and of your tools.  Have you used double-sided tape this way before.  I would worry a little that over time the adhesive would go brittle.  If not, then this looks like the future to me: quick and clean is what we all aim for.


Your list of tools is pretty exactly what I’m thinking about (though that would be news to the admiral!).  I’d be tempted by a chop saw, but I’ve not looked much beyond the lathe and bench drill.  I think you can get extensions in Australia, and we spend quite a lot of time there when there isn’t a pandemic.  Let’s see how many tools I can sneak in the house!


Very sorry to hear of your colitis - though glad it’s not too debilitating.  Perhaps being off work explains your progress!


best wishes



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