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HMS Snake was launched in 1797 as the only member of her class of brig-sloops. She captured or destroyed two French privateers and one Danish privateer. She also captured numerous small merchantmen, but spent time escorting convoys to and from the West Indies. She was sold in 1816.


Scale: 1:64

Length: 910 mm

Width: 350 mm

Height: 910 mm


And now the build begins.



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Again a little update.


The gun bulwarks are in place.

It was a little tricky but it goes better than I thought.

A few minutes soaking in hot water and the job was done.

Also placed the stern facia and stern facia knees.

And the stern counter facia.

The first plank can be placed.

Enough talking so time for some pictures.





Verschansing 1.JPG

Verschansing 2.JPG


Holle wulf.JPG

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Thank you Sjors.  It’s good to be back and I have started my Caldercraft Granado again and I also have a very old Mantua Endeavour model.....I will try and make something of that as well.


i also caught up on your other build....the Nuestra Senora....but it looks like that one is causing you some problems...?  I hope you can succeed with it.


i look forward to your updates.


Best Wishes.



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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi Mick,


The Nuestra don't give me much problems but I have to finish it for my wife.

And it is always a little difficult to go further on something that is done for a big part.

I'll be making ratlines on that one. but almost finished.



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After a few weeks of planking and a little bit more sanding the hull is smooth!

A smooth substrate  for the second planking.

That will start in a few days....

For now pictures.

I don't make any stealers or drop planks because you don't see a thing about it!

Just the easy way 🙂





!e beplanking 1.JPG

!e beplanking 2.JPG

1e beplanking 3.JPG

1e beplanking 4.JPG

Achtersteven 1.JPG

Achtersteven 2.JPG

Boeg 1e beplanking.JPG

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And a little update again.....

Thank for the likes and the visiting.


Second planking done and after a few hours of sanding I'm happy how she is.

It is so smooth the I can not trust my fingers 🙂

On the picture it looks otherwise but that's the light I believe.

I have now a good underground for the paint nd the copper plaates.

But first the inner bulwark and deck planking.





Second planking 1.JPG

Second planking 5.JPG

Second planking 2.JPG

Second planking 3.JPG

Second planking 4.JPG

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Thanks Mike,


I will slow down 🙂

At the moment I can take a look with wat you are doing en make a copy of that .

So please hurry !!!! 😄


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Thanks for the likes.


Deck is planked and have the first coat of Danish oil.

Bulwarks are painted in the colors by Mike_H 🙂

Make the waterline and place also a plank so I know where I can put the copperplates.




Dekbeplanking 1.JPG

Dekbeplanking 2.JPG

Dekbeplanking 3.JPG

Dekbeplanking 4.JPG

Painted bullwark 2.JPG

Painted bullwark 1.JPG

Painted bullwark 3.JPG

Painted bullwark 4.JPG

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1 hour ago, Sjors said:

Thanks Kevin,


We have no Covid-19 😄

And you and the Admiral?




everything is fine here as well, both the admiral and i have had the 1st jab, 2nd due soon

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