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HMS Beagle by Pete D - FINISHED - OcCre - 1:60 Scale

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Then on to the sails . This is a bit daunting as I have never done sails before . I did read about aging the sails , but decided to go with the original as supplied sails.  I started with the flying jibs as it seemed these would be a little simpler given the space to be able to work with.

Identified , assembled and attached the brass eyelets to the various jib sails. I needed to practice my needlework skills as there appears to be quite a bit in the future . Attaching them to the forestay via the eyelets was not as bad as I thought it would be . Photos of work in progress and  completed








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So just a few observations that I have noted during this stage of the build. I have never done sails before so tried to be as accurate as possible. But there are definitely some conflicting info in the build sheets  supplied.


Earlier in another build there was discussion about multiple ropes at various pinrails. Once I started tying ropes down . it can get really busy at the rails with the multiple ropes , also should be mentioned that the space to work in decreases with each attachment. So takes a lot of patience , tying and untying , then retying.....


I actually detached the fore gaffsail , as I found that it kept obstructing the line of site , and once I had done the work on the foresails I re-attached it . May be something to keep in mind.


I had to re attach a number of blocks on the foremast . Some were attached in the incorrect place , some were attached facing up when they should be down. So I guess I needed to pay closer attention to the instructions. Some of the blocks broke free when placed under the tension of the rope . Again I think it has  to do with the 0.15 thread that seems to be very "brittle" . I eventually changed to 0.25 thread as it is a little more sturdy.


Here are some shots of the fore pin rail . looks really busy



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Looking great! I'll be getting on to the sails soon so I'm following your progress and suggestions very closely.


It's strange you've had so much problems with your 0.15mm thread - I've had no problems with any of mine breaking and I've got it rigged pretty tight. Not one single breakage. Maybe your kit had a bad batch.

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