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Occre Frigate Diana - Rigging questions

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Hi all,


I'm currently working on Occre's Frigate Diana, my second build (build log here). Hull is as good as finished, and I'm working on the foremast now.  In the plans, there's two items on the mast I have not seen in my first build (Occre HMS Terror, build log here)




First one is part 198, a little loop that runs over a semicircle. Where does this attach to, or more to the point, what attaches to this?


Second question is about two blocks (E) also running from the semicircular thingy on top ending up next to the cheeks. Same question here, what is their purpose and what is attached to them?


IF there are any similar set-ups in other build logs, I'd really appreciate some kind of visual aid to make me understand.


Thnx in advance!

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part 198 is the sling, which holds the yard as a security measure. the loop is the bottom part of the sling (actually holding a thimble), which is clearly visible in the the front view. My build log have a picture of the sling in post 38. Be sure, you install them before the topmasts are glued into place.


the blocks on the mast cap must be for the lifts, they are lines to lower/raise the yards. What makes me wonder, these blocks should be under the mast cap, and  forward of the position shown. The lifts must clear the shrouds in front of them, and I see the proposed alignment would cross the shrouds between the ratlines.



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I think he was asking about the other blocks labelled "E", which are hanging from a strap that passes over to cap and crosses in front of the mast to hang at the level of the cheeks.


If I am not mistaken those are the upper jeer blocks. The corresponding blocks would be attached to the yard.



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