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Just asking.

As I did not find my way in "Thingiverse", I was wondering if it were possible to obtain a 3d drawing of an 18 pdr gun at 1/64 scale ( no Royal Navy or any other insigna's required), the gun barrel only.

If someone could point me out where I could find such drawing would already help me a lot.

Anticipated thanks.

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If you're interested in Armstrong pattern guns, this site will show scaled drawings for any size you like:




I have Fusion 360 models for Victory's 32, 24 and 12-pounders. One could be modified to get the 18 pounder. I also have a model made from Hahn's standard plans, which could possibly produce an 18-pounder of that design.


Are you looking for 2D plans to turn a model on a lathe, or a 3D STL model to make using a 3D printer?

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A warm thank you for your  fast reply.

To answer the question : more the latter, the idea is to submit a 3d drawing to a company nearby home. So the company will procede to the manufactoring using a 3D printer


I'd like to tell the whole story : for the purpose of my semi scratch project I ordered the necessary sets of guns  ( in brass ) + carriage 2 years ago

As I reached the moment to procede the assembling, I noticed a difference : some gun barrels ( Caldercraft)  were from an older making. Thus I had 2 different types of 18lb guns, for which I can not settle. And I'm afraid it is far too late to comply about the matter.


I could also submit one brass gun to the same company for a scan = intake cost was 200 Euro for the scan....ahemm ahemm....

Submit a 3D drawing seems much cheaper.

That's the story.


What lesson did I learn ? whenever you purchase any goods, always check the moment of the delivery.

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Are they long or short 18 pounders? I ask because many 38 gun frigates had the short barrels (8 foot, 41.8mm in 64th), yet 36 gun frigates were usually equipped with the longer type (9 foot, 46.6mm). Also, what is the launch date of the model you are making? If is it around 1795 or later, you probably will need the Blomefield pattern (with the ring located on the cascabel), which is something that isn't done on commercial turned brass cannon. 

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That might be a problem but how critical it is would be up to you.  The French guns were different in dimensions and not by much.  There wouldn't have been a ring on the cascabel ball either.  The biggest issue I can see would be are the locations of the reinforcing rings and the length of the chase.


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3 hours ago, Barbossa said:

Thanks for replying, Chris.

The launch date is 1782 . But rather then the launch date, I'm afraid the origin might perhaps be an issue as it French (la Vénus)...

In that case, this website may be of help:


Frédéric LA HOCHE qui propose des éléments pour la construction de modèles réduits de bateaux en bois


They do offer a full suite of Venus cannon, but I note they are in 72nd scale, unfortunately. 

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Thanks Chris & Mark for the input.


As I have only English manufactured cannon barrels at my disposal, be it for the same caliber(18pdr) and the same scale (1/64) but different shapes ( next post I'll join a photo, historical accuracy was already jeopardised. So as Mark quite rightly suggested : this is not that much a concern as far the gun barrel does not carry the Rex George III insigna. On a French ship..this would not do, I'm afraid.


Also checked Frédéric La Hoche website, indeed only 1/72 available and they do not sell piece by piece separated, only the complete gunnery.

So the only option left seems the Armstrong pattern.


Or plan B : moulding and casting, by which I have zero experience.

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Hello Christian, do you want to have only the barrel 3D-printed or do you want to have also the carriage?

If you want to have only the barrel of the cannon, I have already modelled in 3D a french 24 pdr barrel of that time. In fact I also have the plans of French 1782 Venus and have been working on a 3d model of the ship (you can see a couple of images of my Venus model (WIP) in the thread for my project 3D Models for PC naval simulation - The Weather Gage ) Comparing the 24 pdr barrel model with the barrels shown in the Venus' plans, it is very close indeed. So I think by scaling it down, it could fill the role.
The only difficulty right now is that the model is not ready for 3d printing (I modelled it for a 3D game, not for printing). The model is not "manifold" and cannot be printed in the actual state. I can test if it can be converted for 3D printing in an easy way. Maybe the polygon resolution is perhaps lower than what is ideal for 3D printing, but I cannot imagine right now how it would look like in scale 1/64 as printed model


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First of all, I'd like to thank all of you guys for your concern & input :

- rrailsley, Chris Watton, Mark Taylor, minimi ( Michael), Aidedecamp, CDR-ret ( Terry) and Mr Pucko (Puckotred); I sincerely hope I did not forget any other member ( if so, I apologize) .

I think  I'll settle for the proposal of Puckotred.


3D ? We haven't seen the end of it, I guess.


- Mr Pucko ( Puckotred ) : I'll PM you this evening.

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