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Dear All:


I am new one for this website, but, I am a ship builder, I want to make some kind of cannon by casting to myself, such as English/Spanish/French/Russian for 16-17 Century, if some one has the plan/picture/draw to supply me, it will be tks, or I buy it. tks for your help.

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A few questions.

What do you want to make the cannon out of ?

And what scale do you want ?

And how realistic do you want ?

Have done casting myself and there is a lot of help on Google that gives excellent advice.

Making the master plug is the most important part of the process.

If you are thinking of using metal then there is a lot of things that can and will go wrong. Trust me I did it in my apprenticeship.

Resin is a very nice friendly product to use and gives fantastic detail from the plug. Also paints well and can be coloured.


Regards Antony.

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Dear Antony:


Tks for your advice, pls call me SY, tks.

To be honest, I am a parts marker, I am very specail on brass product, casting/etching/pressing product, becasue I think brass is a valueable materail then rise the model's price, also, the old cannon is made by brass, if I use brass to cast it, it might 100% return what is it.

The size, frist, I want to make 50-55mm long, if it is workable, I might make some small or bigger, such as 38,45mm or 100,150mm.

In the market, I can find some cannon which made by CNC, you know, these product is without the decoration, it is feel so cheaper, what my problem is I am not able to find the decoration's plan at Internet, do you know where I can buy these plan?

By the way, I made good type of ship Figurehead.


Tks for your help,


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HI Werner:


Tks for your kind words, yes, the size is for 1:75 Victory use, we original made it at 3years before, we did not make it about 1year, so, I could not remeber the size of figure, maybe 8-10cm, later, I try to find the photo of finished prodcut for your information.

For casting, frist at all, we will make a wax mould which is as photo showed, then, we are casting it by brass. We have good knowledge on it, we can make the design on right size in one time.

Now, I am looking for some information for cannon, this is my purpose in this year.


best wishes


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The decoration of the guns changed frequently. In the Navy the guns got the monogram of the king ruling at the moment of it´s cast. In front of the museum in Vienna (Heeresgeschichtliches Museum Wien) there are severeal dozen of great brass guns, plenty of french origin: all are different in design and decoration. Perhaps it is possible to find one form that could be the closest to a certain type that would be not wrong to be used as a general type.



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