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Le Fleuron 1729 by RobinB87 - Scale 1:48 (First Scratch build) Body method M. Bezverhny

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Hello from the Netherlands!


In this build log i will post the updates of my scratch build of Le Fleuron. Bought 4-5 years ago the book and plans of Ancre, very nice and helpful!🤩

This is my first scratch build of a ship, and i started today with the real build. I've read and study for about 3-4 years about this ship, and made the drawings to start my build. I use the method a lot of Russian modelers also use, didn't see it often on forums.

I have never had my own build log on a forum, but i thought i give it a chance. I also need some help i think in the future😉😁 


Greeting Robin.






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its a very interesting, and i find it also a easy way of making my hull contours. It was a little bit of a struggle at first to discover how everything was done with the drawing part but after some small tests i think i am on the right track now😄


If there is some interest i can make a "how to" build log from the beginning. The drawing part is the most difficult part i think to understand. I am to far now and didn't make more pictures than these, but if i order some new drawings in the nearby future i can create a small part of a hull from start to finish.

Just let me now, then i collect how much interest there is.😉


Best regards,


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today i started with making my building-boards. 


20210220_204824.thumb.jpg.af763ef78a70ae82affcea9660ed2c90.jpg 20210220_204828.thumb.jpg.d85f83927bb7c884b0d23df8f3d22d4d.jpg  


After the drawing part i made two corresponding long "ribs", Those are the backbone of the ship and hopefully they hold my ship straight and square🤞😁

Also i made a false keel to mount everything straight and i made it 2,5 mm thick (half keel minus rabbit).


20210221_164653.thumb.jpg.d8efffe37513b07c3f16a11d04aacfbe.jpg 20210221_164705.thumb.jpg.8e5983e0231b86049e18da36474c8e33.jpg 



After that i start mounting every 5 or 6th rib, i glued them in place and those are my markers, i'll fit the rest between those. Those i will not glue at first, but later when all the sanding is done.....you'll see when i am on that point in the future.













That's all for now! 👍



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