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HMB Endeavour by Bankie - Artesania Latina - 1:60 - Circa 1768

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Already found a mistake and had to create a fix. I expected the pieces to fit together perfectly..LOL .. I found I needed to add a bit to one of the bulkheads as it didn't fit correctly, or maybe I didn't do it right.  Anyway. I had to fix it. 


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Added the false decks and started on the planking.  I've only done the stern planking using a black 'Sharpie' fine point permanent marker on one side only.  I've been taking my time with the rest of the planking as I'm still trying to work out the best layout. I'm thinking maybe a four plank might be the way to go. Any advice would be most appreciated.


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Thanks guys,

have settled on a 4 butt shift using 125mm as used by Baynan.  Will post some pics when I have planked the remainder of the decks.

A question, If I'm going to paint as Banyan is doing, at what stage should I start.. like after the deck planking?

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Hi Bankie,


Welcome to ever growing Endeavour Model Builders club :)  Nice start you have made.  There is some great advice buried away in some of the build logs and articles to be found on the site; any questions just yell mate - plenty of very helpful people abaord this fine lugger.





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 I wrote earlier that I was going to use 125mm for my deck planking but after reading the articles on this site recommended by Druxey, I went with 120mm.  


I've decided that seeing as this is my first build I'll use it as an opportunity to learn and experiment and leave the historically accurate builds to the more experienced and maybe me later on.


Finally finished the decking.  Probably went a bit overboard (no pun intended) on the cauking!  Have included some pics during this phase. 








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Hi Bankie

I am building the OcCre version of the Endeavour and after just a quick look it seems quite a bit different that the AL one

The main ones so far seems to be the frames look a lot different to mine and the planking instructions are to plank at 65mm which is a lot different

I am known as a quick builder as I can spend upwards of 8+ hours a day on the build but this one is going to be taken very slowly and carefully as mistakes are so easily made especially a major one like I have just made with my Taxi build  :piratetongueor4: 


We don't seem too far apart 

You are ahead on the planking as I was needing thread to make the caulking as that is a method I have used before and find for me works well

I have virtually built the lifeboat though although I am making work for myself as the kit did not come with oars so I am making 10 from scratch  :o 


Good luck with your build

It will be interesting seeing the different builds come together


Keep it up  :10_1_10: 


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Thanks Mick, 

I'll keep a watch on your build.  I experimented with a number of options for the caulking and decided on the using a permanent marker as the easiest method of geting something like to the real thing.

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I've finished the decking and my pictures show an unevenness but I can't feel any unevenness when I touch the joints of the planks. I read somewhere that by punching a small shallow hole and then lightly sanding can suggest nailing. I did this and generally I'm OK with it, given it's my first kit.


The next step is to attach the gunwales. The only instruction have is to glue to the outer edge of the deck.. and (this is the part I don't understand) "File the outer part of the gunwales....... following the inclination given by the upper parts of the frames."


Can someone explain in simple terms what this means??  :unsure:


I suppose I also have to now decide whether to paint or not as I think the gunwales need to be painted before gluing.


again thanks for a great site.


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hello Bankie.


looking really good :)


about the gunwale sanding. you will notice what is meant easily when dry fitting the ones on the lowest deck. where they sit against the bulkheads of the higher decks you  will notice that the top of the gunwales will stick out because the bulkheads curve in. so you will need to sand them till the have the same curve. this so that when you start planking the planks will flow smoothly. My concern with this is that at the bow and aft you hardly need to do any sanding. so you will end up with them being wider there then the ones at the lower deck. offcourse the only part visible of these 5x5 wood dowels is the inner part so it might not show at all later on. maybe one of the guys that are further in the build can tell us how it worked for them


and sorry I didn't look at your build log either but assumed you didn't have one as it isn't in your signature


looking forward to see your progress :)

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