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Here is a work in progress of the HMS Clematis from the Revell Platinum Edition kit. I chose this ship because on December 30, 1940, after ordering the convoy she was escorting to disperse, singlehandedly attacked the German Cruiser Admiral Hipper. After facing several broadsides unscathed HMS Clematis forced the German ship to withdraw. I'll be building her as she appeared in 1943.


I've made several modifications to the kit so far, including modifying the keel, riveting the funnel with Archer's rivet decals, and adding a ships wheel to the control room. All markings are painted, and I used a custom mix of Tamiya paints for the B-55 Admiralty color. I'm also using several photoetch and Shapeways sets purchased from Niall Orr. All comments and advice welcome!


Cheers, Tom



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This is a very long term build, with me working on the kit about once every few (or many) months. Here's a more recent update:


--the 4" gun shield is 3-d printed

--the gun tub and splinter shields are entirely photoetch

--the breakwater is styrene, using the kit parts as a template

--the anchor winch is 3-d printed

--the Oerlikon tubs are photoetch

--the Pom-pom is 3-d printed

--the gun tub is from the kit, thinned with a Dremel tool

--the skylights and rear hatchway are photoetch


Cheers,  Tom



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Love it! I have a soft spot for the Flowers, having built the 1/100 scale card version from Modelik, which had something like 2000 or 2500 parts. I was pretty new to card as a modeling medium at the time, so it was an ambitious project, but I got it done. Heck, it would still be an ambitious project, even for someone with a lot of experience!

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