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HMS Ballahoo by sziggy8 - Caldercraft - 1/64 scale - First Ever Build

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As a new member and model ship building neophyte, I posted a couple of months ago, with the ambitious goal of having my first build be the Le Cerf.  At the urging of others on this site, I took on a little less challenging project for my first build.  So, I ordered HM Ballahoo, and after waiting a few weeks for it to arrive.  I began the build and I am close to completing the first planking of my first planking.  Will submit pictures in the next couple of days. Be gentle, LOL.  Constructive criticism welcome.  

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Sziggy, I'm not sure how you are adding attachments to your post, but you should use the file uploading link that shows up in the bottom-left corner of the reply window (example below) to upload pictures. Practically no one will want to view your photos by sequentially opening a series of downloads -- too time-consuming. My PC couldn't even open the files.


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Getting the first planking down is a major step forward and shows the shape of the hull properly. I get a sense of achievement when I pass this step and I am sure you did too. 

I notice some big gaps between several of your planks. This is normal at the stern where the shape of the hull forces them apart but at the bow I expect the planks to jam closer together. (Do a search on stealers to find out more.) You might have trouble applying filler over some of these gaps. 


My suggestion is that you fill some of the gaps with shaped pieces of lime wood. This will give you practice in bending planks and getting a good fit which will be useful for the second planking which is less forgiving. For some of the gaps cut a length of lime and glue it inside the hull to seal the back of the gap. This will give your filler something to press against. You could use strips of cardboard on the inside instead of wood to achieve the same purpose. 


A couple of photos from my Ballahoo. 

One shows triangular gaps at the stern which I filled with limewood. (The transom and counter are different on mine.)

The other shows how I worked out the tapered shapes to get the planks to fit around the bow. 


Don't forget that we do this for fun! 







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