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Just finished the life/jolly boat ( sorry I don,t know the name of this boat ) and all ready to secure it to the deck .I am currently working on the HMS Bounty so only one boat on the Amati version. It basically needs tying down to the two cross beams which it sits on with wedges either side forward and aft. Is there any special way to do this and what knots to use? Best regards Dave



Sorry guys I see this question has already been covered further down. Thanks anyway Best regards Dave

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Hi Dave,

This was addressed in some detail here at MSW a month or so ago.  I don't remember the  subject name or if a consensus was reached on how the boats were tied down, but you should be able to find the thread using the search box. 


You may find the following boat information interesting even though your kit only gave you one boat.   Keep in mind that if the RN fitted her as they did her rated ships or even her sloops, Bounty would likely have had three boats.  Per W.E. May on similar sized vessels, these could have been the launch (which is the type used by Bligh and his 18 sailors,) a  pinnace or possibly a cutter over 20 feet, and a 16foot or 18 foot cutter.    According to an article by the Pitcairn Islands Study Center of the Pacific Union College, Bounty had a launch, a cutter, and a jolly boat. 


The term jolly boat was mainly used for small light weight boats of  the 17th century but came back into use in the latter part of the 18th century and  was used to describe small boats of 16 feet or 18 feet, probably cutters.  (Lavery, Arming and Fitting, p. 223)   A bit of contradictory information on boat types to be sure, but at least there seems to be agreement that there should be three boats which would complicate your concern on how they are tied down.   




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Eberhard,  I agree this book is a must for anyone wanting to have accurate information on ships' boats, but in my copy, page 128 the last page of the book and part of the index???    There are photos of two cutters and a launch stowed on a ship of 1800 and a pinnace on the Lowestoffe (1761) on page 48 of my copy of this great book.  


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