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VW samba bus conversion by kpnuts 1/16 revell

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3 hours ago, mtaylor said:

That is the bravest thing I've seen in quite awhile... parking that car under the lift.  

Those lifts are designed to do exactly that... they were originally installed in parking garages.... They were adapted to serve in auto repair shops, they have a ratchet mechanism which absolutely prevents them from dropping..... Hard to find an auto shop around here that still uses a hydraulic or air cylinder lift anymore.... You see the cylinders in the bay floors of the older shops but the lift plate and controls are gone....

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Yep - those are exactly the same type of lifts we had in the shop I worked at.  They are really quite safe as long as the pads on the lift arms were positioned correctly.  We used to park cars like that whenever it was going to snow enough that the lot would need plowed - much easier to plow a half - full lot.   Those lifts are hydraulic - each one has its own motor & pump.




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