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Weather turned bad, so I'm back inside working on the boat.  Added the thwarts and seats for officers.  I've actually been working slowly on these a number of days.  The bracket for the mast took a few tries.


Thwarts were a little hard to fit in there because the cap rail has a little overhang, so they don't fit up tight to the hull planking.  It's something you won't notice unless you look real close.  I suspect my cap rail is a little wider than it should be.



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Thanks Ryland!  I'm still learning.  Doing this boat to get more practice working with little pieces, and it's certainly good for that.  Just my opinion, but I don't think this is a beginner's model.  That's especially true if you don't know about all the information on this web site.


I added the remaining knees, and I also added the wire details like oarlocks and ringbolts.  I'm always amazed at how adding just a few details to a model makes it look better.  I struggled working with the small pieces like sanding the knees.  I have a hard time holding onto them, and have been on the floor looking for them a few times.




Wire Horse.jpg

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I've been working on the rudder and tiller, so took some pictures.  Other than cleaning up a couple of things, like getting the red paint on top to align with the hull and a cleaner masking line, it's basically done.


The rudder hinge doesn't secure the rudder to the hull that well.  I didn't make the pins quite long enough, but there had to be enough room to get the pins over the hinge and eyebolt.  As it is, the rudder pops out pretty easily.  Since this model will just sit on a shelf, I'm thinking I'll glue the rudder on.  If someone else were to touch it and the rudder popped off, they'd feel terrible even though it's nothing.  It's not like anyone will play around with the model.


I opted for a straight tiller like Chuck's in the manual.  The photos show some wood pedestals that I'll use for mounting the long boat.  Just getting started on them.  It was something to work on while paint was drying.





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