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Resizing images and editing posts

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Hi, it's been a while since I updated my Build Log.


Previously, there was a preview screen so that you could check your post as it would appear and edit it if necessary before final submission. This way, I could correct any mistakes I had made, perhaps add, delete or move any images that didn't quite work. Yes, I had to follow instructions to readjust my jpeg images to allow them to be posted but otherwise adding to a log was easy. 


Today, I started to update my log. I found that the 'Preview' was no longer there although I've just worked out how to edit a post!. More importantly, I can't manage my images anymore and so have now posted an update with images that are way too big, but have no idea how to firstly edit the post and resize the images and secondly how to post smaller images in the first place.


Can anyone help please????


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28 minutes ago, JRB9019 said:

I can't manage my images anymore and so have now posted an update with images that are way too big


This is easily fixed. Double-clicking on the photo in your post/reply window brings up an editing menu that allows you to resize your images.

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The image editor that comes up looks like this:




I usually change the image width 640 for medium-size images and 480 for smaller ones. Make sure that the "keep original aspect ratio" box is checked, otherwise you get some unintentional psychodelic art effects!


This is the above image at 640, 480, and 200 pixels wide.






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