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Greetings all,


I'm new here and, for the moment, am working on nothing with sails or cannon! Sorry...I hope that will come! For now, I'm doing a 1/32 scale diorama of a Sopwith Camel and H.3 Lighter, as used by the British in WWI. The plane is from a kit but everything else is being scratch built. 


At the moment, I'm working on the mast and boom which were used to retrieved the Camel after ditching. I'd like to find some really crisp blocks, shackles and the other sort of fittings seen in the pictures here. I've been through the ModelExpo site but, frankly, as a rookie, find myself getting lost. Perhaps one of the old hands here would be willing to make some suggestions.


The blocks I'd need would be about 4mm, Double and Single, along with shackles of suitable size. Also, whatever sort of fittings might connect the boom to the mast in a situation such as this. It seems to be a fixed connection, as opposed to something that would ride up and down the mast.59629192_19-b99d034de8a9204f4e3b3269eeefd603(2).jpg.a26b0a6a6524f80e1e9e50a5ef5dcab0.jpg


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Cheers from NYC,









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You may have to hand-make the shackles with wire and such, but Syren may have some blocks that would work..


There are several sizes of these types of blocks..


Internally Strapped


There are several build logs where members are making detailed metal work..  

Here is a good place to start..  Build logs for subjects built 1901 - Present Day


Meanwhile I will be looking for some links for you..


Cornwall Model Boats has a lot of these types of fittings, but searching for them may take some maneuvering.


Here is my search for shackles


But other words might produce results for other fittings..

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  • Solution

The lighter appears to be rigged with a combination of metal and wooden blocks; metal for the wire rope lifting the plane itself and wooden controlling the boom doing the lifting.  


The wooden blocks are not those sold by most model ship fitting suppliers. They are internally stropped.  The typical blocks that Syren furnishes are the older pattern  blocks intended for external rope strops but they do offer laser cut kits that can be assembled into the internally stropped blocks that you require.


Bluejacket offers metal blocks.  These are castings.


There are also posts on this forum that describe making both metal and internally stropped wooden blocks.  Do some browsing on the scratch built build logs, 1900 and later.  Judging from the workmanship displayed by you so far, you might want to try making your own.



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Gregory and Roger,

Thank you both for these very helpful responses. I knew this was a group I could count on. 


I've just ordered some from Syren and will take a long look at the other builds that you suggest here. I'm definitely game to make my own.


Roger, thanks for pointing out the metal line and block, which I didn't recognize, as such.  My father, Capt. USN, 1935-64, would be mortified!


OK! I am really encouraged by this info, and the group. I have Syren's Longboat kit and plan to start on it as soon as this book has gone to the publisher.


Many thanks!


Cheers from NYC,


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