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Gentlemen, I need some clarification!  Page 23 of Ch. 1 "hance pieces" are shown as 3/16" thick.  This corresponds with "E-starter3-16.pdf.  However sheet 3 of 4 of the master drawing shows the pieces as ¼" thick, this corresponds with "1-4 thick first instalment pdf' .  It appears to me 3/16" is the correct thickness as it corresponds to the "fairing caps" Page 8 of Ch. 2.  This also agrees with measuring the deck sill on sheet 4 of 4 of the master drawing at 9/32" wide, this would be the 3/16" plus 2 - 3/64" detailed scroll edging, Chuck's post #225.  Are my deductions correct, i.e. ignore the ¼ note on the drawing and the hance pieces on 1-4 thick first instalment. pdf, or am I missing something?

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