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After I cut out the seven transom pieces I sanded them all to the correct thickness with Byrne's thickness sander. Then, overnight and while wet, I put them all in this jig to give them a slight downward curve. I decided to bend them instead of sanding them to save pear wood.


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Adam,  This is one of the nicest Bounty models I have seen here.   


One option for the next time you have to bend a transom or anything else that is thicker than a plank or even if edge bending a plank, you might want to  consider heating the wet piece once it is fixed in a jig.   Chuck Passaro gives a good amount of detail on setting up a jig, and it is a relatively easy thing to do.  It leaves room to heat the wet bent wood with a small travel iron.  In some cases where the parts are really small, I use a clean flat head tip on my solder gun to heat the wood.  Just need to be a bit careful not to scorch the wood.  The heat will fix the curve in place and save a lot of wait time compared to air drying which may not hold as well as the heat is a key element in the bending.


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