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Are your pets spoiled?

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My cat would not be happy if he were not allowed to go outside but when he does he pauses at the door and looks around for danger.  He is terrified of deer and dogs and is cautious when other cats are near.  There are racoons, badgers, fox and cayotes around too and since he's still alive I can assume he knows to avoid them.  None of the hawks around here are big enough to tangle with him, but  I have seen them circling over him, sizing him up.  I don't think he knows hawks could be a threat. 


There is no pause or look around at the door when he comes inside.  Inside, he knows there is nothing to fear.  It is my pleasure to provide this security for him - comfort, affection, food and water. 


When he was young, needing discipline, it came in the form of water from a squirt bottle.  Done judiciously, he never associated me with the unpleasantness of the water.  Now, when I pet him, he looks up, eyes open and ears up, knowing no harm will come from my hand. 


Spoiling this cat is a simple pleasure for me.  I get more from it than he does.



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Wouldnt be without a dog in our life. had the pleasure to have/had two amazing dogs. my first dog was a shepherd x with a chow and a better dog you would never find. we had the pleasure of her company for 15 great years before she departed. she was a rescue dog. our second which we still have is a white shepherd and she is still going strong at age 11.  you would say she is aloof at best and if you are lucky she may tolerate you giving her a cuddle for about 30 seconds before she has to leave. its going to be a dark day in our house when she departs. 

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