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Sovereign of the Seas by Denis R - FINISHED - Mantua - 1:78 scale

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Just like a kid with a new toy I had to start her build asap.

To all you men out there most of you will relate to what I am going to say.

We never read the instruction book do we.

First rule make sure you have all the parts ( I did not do this and it will come to bite me on the back side later ).


As I understand it the original SOS had gilded carvings on a black background.

So I did some tests with Gloss, Semi Gloss and Satin, I decided on the Satin.




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Denis - Nice to see you putting the effort in re posting your log. It is very easy to give up and say "I am not doing that again" I am glad you are taking the trouble to do it as I am constantly reviewing your work as I do mine. There is not much out there on the SOS. You do nice work and give great advice.

- visi

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Hi all

The ply board that the curves are on require cutting up into 7 pieces, the parts that make up the curves have to be soaked in water then I used an electric plank bender to form the curves.

The decks have 2 good coats of sanding sealer and only sanded them down ( will varnish later  ).


The curves have 2 coats of sealer and 2 thin coats of thin black acrylic.





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Hi  sorry no photos of the first planking or the progress of the second planking, as I did not intend to do a log at this time.

The hull had 3 coats of sanding sealer and sanded down with 3200 grit, then one coat of stain when dry ( 24 hours )  3 coats of satin varnish ( it my look shiny but when it cures it will look like satin  it takes about 72 hours ).







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Hi back again.


When I was looking at the flags in the SOS kit I noted that the Union Jack was wrong.

It had the red cross of St. Patrick of Ireland on the white cross of St Andrew of Scotland.


As the SOS was not built till 1636 the Union Jack would not have had the red cross of St Patrick on it.

This did not go onto the Union Jack till about 1801.


I had some made for me.





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Hi Denis,your color scheme is brilliant,workmanship outstanding,a very helpfull blog,you gave me a new view off my Sos,had for 15 years(resturant busy),a liverpool man and did research missed flag(am shamed),well done great work.Ed





In the dockyard,endeaver,niagara,king of the mississpi,

In waiting Sos,robert e lee, looking to buy some time

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OK here we go.

When cutting the cannon door frames out of the ply wood most of them fell apart ( thats ok can put up with that ).


Next was cutting the cannon doors out of the ply wood 95% fell apart , 5 hours gluing them all back ( now getting mad ).


Started to build the cannons and found I was 4 wheels short made 4 more ( now getting very mad ).


To be continued.







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Hi all


This is the start of the brass decorations.


Just a note to people that have or are building SOS and have not got to the decorations yet, you can see at the stern area it has a lantern before you glue that in place you have to put I think it is 7mm x 22mm block under.







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