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What plastic ship kits have you done?

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USS Constitution:  Status - no longer extant. She was anchored in deep water on the mantlepiece when she foundered in a gale of cleaning.

Cutty Sark:              Status - no longer extant. Snagged in the tentacles of the kraken and dragged down to Davy Jones locker off the continental shelf.

Amerigo Vespucci: Status - given as a gift

Soleil Royal:             Status - current build.



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1 - Revell Constitution that passed away from my ex-wife waving a towel at the smoke detector.    1/2 way through the model, I discovered wood model kits and loved the idea of working with material similar to the real thing.  Forced my way to finishing the constitution, been building wood ever since.   However, I do have a few steel hull kits, working on the 1/350 Mogami.  

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I've built many of 'em: 1/96 Cutty Sark (now a dis-masted hulk), Thermopylae, Constitution; Heller Soleil Royal (unfinished), Le Chebec

(nearly finished), Thornier Armor; Imai Catalan ship and Santa Maria, small Revell Constitution, Bounty, Golden Hinde, and Chas. W. Morgan

plus many steel-hulled ships, submarines, and work-type ships. I have to say that I enjoy working with that medium as much as working with

wood models...just love the look of ships, always have.

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I am currently building the Revell 1/96 (really 1/64) Spanish Galleon, with a lot of modifications.  I built a few model sailing ships and aircraft carriers and battleships when I was a child and teenager — I kept two of them:  Revell Cutty Sark and USS Constitution (neither one of them was the larger 1/96 scale).

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I made the tiny Airfix Shannon, Golden Hind, Victory, and once the big Airfix Victory and the Revell Victory. Oh, and the Airfix Vasa - I'd forgotten that one. Plus even tinier Airfix models of the Graf Spee, Exeter, Achilles and Ajax from the battle of the River Plate.


All gone the way of all flesh . . .



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Great western


Golden hind

St Louis




Cutty Sark





La Sirene


Spanish Gallion

Thonier Armor

La Tartane







Golden Hind

Flying Dutchman

Hans Kogge


Santa Maria



Dutch Staten Jacht

Half Moon

Bon homme Richard

Venetian Carrack

Roman Merchant



Roman Warship

Greek Warship


Plus a Russian 60 gun ship kit 'Priedisjinctua'


To Build or part built, Airfix sovereign, Prince, Cutty Sark and mayflower, Pyro's La Reale and Alliance, Revell's Great Eastern




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Over the years I have built many of the Airfix range, those springing to mind of the sailing ships were their HMS Victory, Royal Sovereign & Cutty Sark.  Then from the WW2 1:600 range, I have made a whole fleet!  USS Forrestal, HMS Ark Royal, King George V, Ajax, Cambeltown, the Bismark, Prinz Eugen, Scharnhorst etc. 

Sadly over the years there were many fleet actions (both deliberate destruction as a child; by fireworks and air rifle and accidents) so sadly the "Grand Fleet" consists of two survivors 😌  though ironically of two ships that didn't fair too well in the real world! - Graf Spee & HMS Hood!

A few pictures attached, complete with their 1980's boxes (check the price on HMS Hood!), sadly these two are relegated to the garage as "they don't look as nice as the sailing ships"  according to the Admiral...🤭






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Ting Yuen 1/350 Bronco

Tsesarevitch 1904 1/350 Trumpeter

Orel 1/350 Zvezda

Iwami 1/350 Zvezda ( heavy modification )

Danton 1/350 Trumpeter

Lord Nelson 1/350 Trumpeter

Marat 1/350 Zvezda

Musashi 1/350 Tamiya



Varyag 1/350 Zvezda

Myoko 1/350 Aoshima



Yukikaze 1/350 Hasegawa

USS England 1/350 Trumpeter



ORP Bielik 1/350 Mikromir 

ORP Orzeł, Sęp, Dzik and Sokół 1/400 Mirage Hobby

K-3 1/350 Mikromir

S-13 1/350 Mikromir

Shch-307 1/350 Mikromir

HMS Graph 1/350 Revell ( British Type VIIC )

I-19 AFV Club 1/350

I-27 AFV Club 1/350

I-56 AFV Club 1/350 ( slightly modified early I-58 )

I-58 AFV Club 1/350

I-36 AFV club 1/350 ( modification of I-58 with conversion from B3 class into B1 )

I-37 Aoshima 1/350

I-44 Aoshima 1/350 ( modification of standard kit I-19 )

I-47 Aoshima 1/350

I-370 Aoshima 1/350

I-365 Aoshima 1/350

USS Gato 1941 AFV Club 1/350

Gato class 1942 AFV Club 1/350

USS Harder AFV Club 1/350 ( kitbash of various hulls and conning towers )

PNS Ghazi AFV Club 1/350 ( kitbash of various hulls and conning towers )

RoCN Hai Shih AFV Club 1/350


Some of them were gifted to friends or presented in local hobby shop.



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