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HMS Granado Cross MID-Section - 1:48 - CAF Model - by jsnigula

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So it seems, you finally managed to lure me out of my hiding on the lower deck, and get me to start a build log...

While I have the CAF Enterprise waiting to be built, I think the Granado, might be a smaller "test case".


I started assembling the first frame,




and already have a first question, on the lower timbers there are bevelling marks in the joint area. James writes, that the joints should be perpendicular to the frames, so it is safe to ignore these marks?





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Those particular marks are to bevel the chock area, but I never bothered with angling those sockets to fit the chocks in at an angle. I couldn't see any gain for the effort.


Also, the chocks are the same thickness as the other timbers, so angling them will cause at least one area to be lower than the proper surface when fitted, as I found out when I did them on frame #6.


You'll also note the joints between timbers are shown angled. They aren't. I just fit them as simple horizontal joints.


Nice to see someone else working on this one too, and your second post on MSW in 8yrs! 😜

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I finished assembling frames 6








and most of frame 8




in the meantime I assembled the jig,




I then tried to assemble the keel parts, but found a production error, the parts are milled from both sides, and the two sides weren't correctly aligned.




It is possible to sand this down flat, but then the height of resulting keel part is too small. So I told Tom, and he right away sent a new part (Now this I call great customer service!)


With the new keel I now started dry fitting the frames in jig.



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