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Royal Caroline rigging lines & blocks


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Does anyone have the quantity of  the lines and blocks.  I would like to order everything at once rather than bit by bit.


I'm not quite there yet but getting close (I think).  Everything takes longer these days.





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What is the basis of your  model?   Kit ? Scratch build?


The only legitimate kit is the one from Panart; perhaps someone here could give  you a block count from the plans.

However, I would not rely on it for being accurate.

The rigging lines are another matter.  The kit will not have a list of the " number of lines " ..


I see in another post  that you have the AOTS book.  That would be the best source for determining the type and number of blocks, as well as the size and amount of rigging line you need.




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I was thinking about your question and I realized that I have never really sat down and counted just how many blocks it will take to complete my build.  The number is certainly in the high hundreds for a full rigged ship.

In order to come up with the correct number you will have to consider how you are going to rig her; with or without sails, fully accurate or simplified rigging.  Most kit rigging plans tend to leave stuff out.

One way to figure it all out is to make a spread sheet listing all of rigging materials needed for each line.  Again, most plans will have the information spread between several plan sheets, having you refer to diagrams, insets, block lists, belaying plans, etc.  The other added benefit to compiling all the info into one spreadsheet is you will learn a lot in the gathering of data from your different sources about how the rigging all works together.

I organized mine by mast section, for instance: Main top mast, main top mast shrouds, main top mast backstays, main top mast stay, main top sail yard, main top sail halyard, main topsail sheets, etc. That way I could look at a glance for everything needed for each mast segment as I rigged it.



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Hello Paul,


I assume this is a scratch build as I think kits include rigging materials.   These days the  best blocks I know of are from Syren but you will have to know how many of all the various sizes that you need before ordering.    If it is a kit, which manufacturer, Mantua or some other?   


I can't think of anyone selling rope anymore.   Hopefully some members will have a source for you and the rest of us.   Kit manufacturers supply rigging line but some of them just use different size string rather than miniature rope so not sure that would be a very good source.    



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