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African Queen by Ras Ambrioso - FINISHED - Billings Boats - 1/12 scale

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I built this R/C steam launch in eighties. As you may see in the photos I changed the design a bit to make room for the electronics. The engine provided in the kit, a single oscillating cylinder,  was not capable of moving the boat so I cheated a bit by installing an electric motor and covered it with the structure that you can see in the photos that provided a good spot for the steering wheel. The captain is one my tokens from the time I purchased my first real boat. The first photo shows the kit's version with the seating arrangement and the canvas sun cover.

























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Hello Ras Ambrosio,

Your African Queen looks awesome! At the top of the screen you may notice three lines that you can click on that brings up the navigation page, in there is a link to the gallery where you can post photos of your build. Hope that helps!



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Snug and Keith, thanks for your comments. The boiler and engine in the kit are plastic miniatures. I had actually built the power plant separately and installed on this model. WhenI put the boat in the water the engine was putt-putting but the boat barely moved. Thats when I decided to installed the electrical power and in part the reason I made the covered cabin to cover the electronics and the battery. I placed the motor switch under the log crate.

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