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I am a newbie, and I have questions about the Amati Riva  Aquarama, relating to its radio controlling when its time to take it for a spin.  What kind of radio remote control allows for controlling the Amati transmission kit of the Aquarama?  Recommendations on which controller to buy would be appreciated, as the Aquarama is my first RC project, so I am, also, looking for best practices and insights. Thanks. 

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Any surface frequency legal radio of two or three channels would do just fine. You would only need the third channel if you wanted to run the motors at different speeds. Not something you need to do often with this type of boat. You would also need a separate speed controller for this ability as well as it appears that the running kit only has one speed controller. Go to your nearest hobby shop where they sell radios for cars and they can set you up with a beginner set for not too much money. They also should have batteries and chargers that will fit your needs.


As the radio gear in any RC hobby can be the most expensive outlay you may run into, you might consider buying a better radio with more functions if at a later date you wish to build a boat with more abilities and functions. That way you will already have a radio that is able to meet the expanded needs.


Good luck and show us a picture of your progress now and then.

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I’m not familiar with this particular boat set-up but I imagine it would need something similar to my Dumas Chris Craft. For that, I use a 2.4GHz radio controller (which all the modern ones seem to be). I opted for a handset that is the same as that often used for RC cars - the “trigger” type. It is much easier to use with a simpler learning curve than the “two stick” types. These also have a third channel, which I used to control the lighting (navigation and cockpit lights). The other thing I did was to use LiPo batteries in the boat - lighter and greater endurance.


Lou is right in that your local RC hobby shop should be able to give you good advice, even if they specialise only in cars and planes. Lou also mentioned a speed controller - often referred to as an ESC (Electronic Speed Controller). Again, your local RC place can advise.

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