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NEPTUNIA is a publication of the ASSOCIATION OF FRIENDS OF THE NATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM - Musée de la Marine de Paris

The NRG has a special relationship where we occasionally print articles from the other's Journals - with permission of the writers.

This is essentially the only time we print previously published works due to an article being of special interest to our members.  Our Editors handle translations as they publish only in French.

Their web site is listed below.



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There's a great link on their site to a series of videos on the renovation of La Musee de la Marine. Some fabulous scenes of the models and the Napoleonic barge. This was one of my favorite maritime museums in the world and I fear many of the models will not be included when the Museum reopens. Perhaps Welfalck would know better.

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Greg, your fears might be justified by all what I heard the director saying ... bizarre for a museum that is essentially funded by the French Defence Ministry to forget about its naval history and to develop into an 'Ocean' museum. Never let 'professional' museum educators their hands on technical museums or they will be doomed.


I trust, however, that NEPTUNIA will keep up its standards. We, that is the German equivalent of the NRG, also exchange articles with them to reach out to a broader audience, who might not speak so well (or at all) the other language(s).

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