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I bough the book The Armed Transport Bounty which has a lot of good detail for building the Bounty including a table over all rope sizes and blocks.


In the table there are detail describing block size and type, but it is confusing to understand which type of block to use. In the beginning I thought 20210417_010102.thumb.jpg.b4a261bfe398e48daa0e57ef6af34cbc.jpgH=heart (as you have picture of) and B=blocks, but then there was C, D?

Also thought B9=9" block, but that was not correct.


Hope someone with more understanding of ship building could explain how this works and what it means, so that I can try to build my Bounty as accurate as practical possible.



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The 'B' reference indicates different types of blocks.

Have a look on page 107, you will see different types of blocks annotated H7/1, H7/2 etc;


These references relate to different types of block as identified on p 106.


Look at Block H7/6 there is a small notation 'B9' which is described as Common single and double blocks


A very convoluted way of doing things in my opinion.

'C' - cleats

'D' = Deadeyes




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Thanks Blue Ensign.

I have gone forth and back between the pages in the book, but did not see that one. I guess that is the challenge of being new to the game. I even had to look up cleats to know what it was. Well I'm learning.


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