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Cliff Coppen - seeking rigging information for Sovereign of the Seas

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Hi Cliff,  Welcome to MSW.   it would be great if you posted a little intro about yourself  on the new members forum. 😀

Have you looked at all the build logs of the Sovereign of the Seas in the build log sections?  There are quite a few and may help you in your journey.  Also, you should consider starting a build log once you get rolling.   Sounds like you may already have a kit on the project you are working.  Which brand of kit is it and does  it have rigging plans included?    If you have not yet purchased the kit, the logs may help you decide.   With such a huge project, is it safe to assume you have built other ships already as SotS would be a frustrating first project.

Again,  welcome to MSW


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  • ccoyle changed the title to Cliff Coppen - seeking rigging information for Sovereign of the Seas

Thanks for the response  Where I learned about full rigging is from the book Sovereign of the seas by John McKay however the page sketches are way too small to follow.  I have been checking extensively from many other sources and one referred me to your site 

Yes I have built three other models  and currently am about 75 percent completed on SOS Its a chore but very rewarding


To Allan thanks for the quote in reality all those who manned those ships and endured, they ALL were required realist  My sail days included one Aircraft carrier and many American submarines  Currently retired and in place of riding/manning ships I am now committed to building models. 

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Hi Cliff, R. C. Andersons' books Seventeenth Century Rigging and The Rigging of Ships in the days of the Spritsail Topmast 1600-1720 will have I'm sure info pertinent to your search. Both books are for sale on Abebooks and cheap. While there are no rigging plans per se there is much info to be found in them.


BTW,there is a rigging plan in the 17th Century book but it's for the 96 gun St George of 1701 later than the SoS but may still be of some help to you.


Dave :dancetl6:

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Also consider purchasing a copy of Lees' Masting and Rigging which will give you a lot of information.   For your time period I rely mostly on both Lees' and Anderson's books.  Lees gives a lot of detailed illustrations compared to Anderson, but both are extremely useful.


Closest I ever got to a carrier was when I was stuck on an AO for a few days tp run casualty drills in the engine room while doing Navy Reserve duty and we spent a day refueling Saratoga in 1971.  She was small compared to new carriers but it was awesome, especially watching flight ops when they were landing aircraft .  Submarines, ohhhh the claustrophobia would be a killer compared to the surface merchant vessels I had the good fortune to sail aboard.    Thank you very much for your service Cliff.

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Thanks I will follow up  USS Essex was WW 2 conversion which I shared a year and half far east cruise what a experience as active part of the flight deck crew 

As for submarines I spent over thirty years in construction, repair and maintenance Loved every minute of it and the ships crews are awesome. The best of the best in my opinion

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