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How do, gentlemen (and ladies)?


Much to my surprise, as a usual aircraft-basher, I find myself joining ModelShipWorld.

For many years I dedicated my kit-bashing to things aerial, then I happened upon an old Zvezda 1/100 Pourquois Pas two weeks ago in a thrift store.  At $8 I wasn't saying no.


To paraphrase the Marines say, I never leave a kit behind.

If it's a kit I'll rescue it.


Matter of fact, if it wasn't for aircraft I'd have happily focussed on naval models.  I'd even collected the Hatchette Bismarck part-series, because I'd always wanted a kit of that amazing ship.


I have also flitted about on sailboats, in an earlier life. 

The urge to build a rigged ship is now strong, again.  There's something about a rigged ship in a glass case on top of a cabinet that adds a certain gravitas, isn't there?


Meanwhile, I shall continue binge-reading to catch up on necessary info, before I start asking questions that already have answers.


Cheers all.



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7 hours ago, bruce d said:

Rummage through the logs and have fun. I hope you start a build log for the Pourquois Pas, looks like a good subject.

Thanks, Bruce.

Absotively a build log's on the cards.

I've seen precious little out there regarding this kit, either the Heller or re-pops.


Currently trudging along with the 'donkey work' and snapping pics as I go. 

Much of the scratch work is blocks and dead-eyes so far. 


I grew up with Revell-o-Gram-o-Fix, (and still take great pleasure in basic kits).  A fitting background to a skill set of styrene-bashing that is admirably suited for wrestling poor fit and fuzzy moulding into something presentable!

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Welcome to Model Ship World.  I am amazed at the model aircraft builds that are on the internet.  Some of them are so detailed and realistic that it is hard to tell the difference between the actual plane.  With your modeling skills, you will do just fine building ship models.  I look forward to seeing some of your work.

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