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HM Cutter Cheerful 1806 by pearwill - scale 1:48

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After spending months looking at Chuck Passaro's website and reading through logs of finished and in process Cheerfuls' I ordered the kit. This being a scratch built POB I ordered the starter kit from Syren Model Company. I've been following the Winchelsea group build using Alaskan Yellow Cedar as the building material. Reading comments and looking at photos of the wood with WOP helped me buy some AYC to try on other builds. I must say "I like the way it looks, cuts and finishes" so I bought the wood along with the starter kit. 

When the Cheerful arrived in a large envelope and a small box upon opening the packages I immediately spread out the contents and started studying my loot. 



Let the journey begin. Now its back to reading the monograph and logs of how and what to start first


Stay Well and Stay Safe

Will :pirate41:

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Reading, reading and more reading so now it is time to start building. 

First have copies made of the plans at Mesa Blueprint and hang up original set for reference.




Next to mark the the bulkhead locations on the bulkhead former and then make a copy of the BH. 



Then cut out the bearding line to use as a template for the port side making sure that I had features included that will allow alignment on the port side of the BH.



Drawing the bearding line using the template and that's how I started the build.


Stay Well and Stay Safe

Will :pirate41:



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