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New podcast/tv series about Nelson and Maritime Britain during the Trafalgar period.

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This was posted in the Nautical/Naval History forum but is not being seen by many so I hope it is not wrong to post it here as well.  The gentleman doing the podcasts and gaining some traction on having a TV series produced about Nelson would love to see our membership sign on.   I received the following email from Adam Preston and as you can see, this could turn into a wonderful series that most of us would probably want to watch.  Also note his interest in our hobby.  Hugh Bonneville of Downton Abby fame is promoting the Trafalgar series as well.  Hope he plays Nelson!!


Dear Allan 

Thank you for getting in touch - and for your offer to help with the project ‘Trafalgar’. My current target is to get 10,000 sign ups at www.trafalgar.tv because that is the kind of number that will get broadcast executives sitting upright. I am now at 1050 so I have a way to go. 
To help spread the word I have created a podcast which I launched on the weekend. You can subscribe here https://shows.acast.com/trafalgar-squared please share this with anyone you know who is interested in this subject area. The podcast has already had 500 downloads from all over the world (as many in North America as the UK)
I am interested in the documents you mention Allan - I am a great devourer of this kind of stuff - do you have them as a PDF or something that can be mailed? 
I am hoping to one day do a podcast episode about the world of model ship making and am slowly gathering info on that. Am I right in thinking this is an area of expertise for you? 
With best wishes





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This is a fantastic project and I have given Adam my support and signed up.  He has a poscast started which I think all of folks would be interested in.  Its sole focus is to get enough interest to convince them to invest in the TV mini-series.  It will be along the lines of Downton Abby and the Crown.  I recommend it highly.  I believe he may be interviewing a model builder or two as well.  Please support this by signing up as well.  Each episode of the podcast will talk about life onboard the ships and some history and development of the ships themselves.   Have a listen to these very short 7 minute episodes of each podcast...







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Thanks Martes for your very kind offer.  Right now we are working on getting as many people to sign up to the site as possible which is what the TV movie producers have asked of Adam.  This will be a  high tech, high end production by whichever television/movie production company picks it up should it get moving.  Please feel free to PM me if you would like to discuss further.  There is more information that will be posted here very soon.

Thanks again!

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Calling all Trafalgar fans!


This new initiative for a series on Trafalgar will tell the story in an accurate and realistic way (remember Master and Commander?) Led by experienced screen-writer Adam Preston in England, he hopes to bring the events and personalities involved to authentic life. However, to get the serious attention of a major producer (think Netflix), he needs to demonstrate sufficient public interest. This is where you come in.


Adam does not need money. However, he does need signatures of support. Lots of them. 10,000 would be a good number. Please help support this initiative by taking the King’s shilling before the press gang comes for you!


You can find out all about this exciting possibility by going to:






and sign on today! We need you!

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Hi Everyone - and thank you to those who have already signed up to say 'yes' to Trafalgar - my quality epic TV series about Lord Nelson, Emma Hamilton and the lead up to The Battle of Trafalgar. 


To give a bit of background I was originally commissioned to  write a series about Lord Nelson by Working Title Television. This commission was achieved by showing them other screenplays I had already written and delivering an extremely detailed pitch. Like model ship building, screenwriting is a craft -  one I have been obsessed with mastering all my adult life. 


After being made to jump through a series of hoops, in a process lasting over a year, I was offered a contract. 


I recognised that this was a huge opportunity and I threw myself into the project with enormous enthusiasm and a passion for the subject which grew and grew the more I researched.  I not only read everything I could get my hands on but visited some of the key locations such as Naples and Norfolk and I spent many hours looking at original logbooks in the Greenwich Maritime Museum.  Before I began I had been an amateur whose knowledge of Nelson was perhaps a little more detailed than most due to a family connection (I am a direct descendant of Nelson's sister Susannah). By the time I had finished I was so knowledgable I was hired as a consultant to The Trafalgar Way (the image attached shows me in a costume I wear when I give talks for them).   


I delivered four hours of finished screenplays to WTTV who had their sights set on a BBC series, but the BBC didn't go for it. This was not due to the quality of the screenplays but was more of a political decision. Working Title Television are no longer a separate entity from Working Title Films and they are not pursuing Trafalgar.  I have negotiated 'turnaround' - the deal whereby the rights in the project revert back to me. 


My vision for the series is a grown up telling of the tale of a man who, despite setbacks, and through determination and talent, rises to become his countries foremost naval hero at a time when his country is in an existential struggle with another great power. As he rises he falls more and more in love with a married woman,  a scandalous figure with a colourful background. Shock at this liaison causes his rise to be stalled - but still he delivers victories - and by the end his country cannot go to war at sea without him. Worn out, missing an arm, blind in one eye and craving a few happy years with the woman he loves and their little girl - he has to sail out, once more, for his country. 


Since completing the screenplays for WTTV I have done more work on the project and it is now a five hour television series. 


I believe the world is ready to experience a detailed nuanced telling of Nelson's story that includes the controversial events in Naples in 1799. In my telling, although this is clearly Nelson's 'dark hour', you cannot help but still admire him once you know the full story of his life. 


My task now is to prove that there is an audience out there for Trafalgar. I have created the website http://www.trafalgar.tv so that people can sign up and say 'yes' I'd like to see this get made. Companies like Netflix love to see proof that a substantial niche audience exists. Armed with that proof, with my scripts and with my passion for this series I believe we can go all the way. So please sign up - and if you have any thoughts on how I can get the word out let me know. I am happy to write articles, do interviews - anything that helps me reach people who love great period drama - and particularly those who love their maritime history.  


Thanks again to everyone who has signed up already and for some wonderful people in the model ship community who have already given some precious time to supporting Trafalgar - including David Antsherl, Allan Yedlinsky, Tom Ruggiero and of course Chuck Passaro. Please click here  if you think Trafalgar sounds up your street!


To support the project I have started a new podcast which you can hear at https://shows.acast.com/trafalgar-squared 

And if you would like to directly support my efforts to get Trafalgar made please check out : 




IMG_2453 Edited3.jpg

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I think having a featured article in the Nautical Research Guild journal would be a great place to start.

Also many of us here are members of local modeling clubs which publish monthly newsletters.  A short(ish) write up of the project which we could include in the newsletter would reach many more.


I am eagerly looking forward this project.


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We all do Jim 😁.   Several clubs are asking their members to sign on and Zoom meetings are being held with Adam and other groups to generate the signatures that are needed.   Tell your friends, pass the word.  If even 100 people get 2 others to sign on and then those two each do the same and so forth, it should not take too long to get the 10,000 signups needed to make this happen.

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Thank you to everyone who has been supporting this quality epic drama TV series about Lord Nelson, Emma Hamilton and the build up to The Battle of Trafalgar. Several hundred kind people from this site have given this project their thumbs up at www.trafalgar.tv which has taken us closer to the dream of seeing this project become a reality. 


Ive attached a 'moodboard' I created with images of characters and incidents from this incredible story - all taken from historical paintings. 


If you haven't checked out www.trafalgar.tv please feel free!


Thank you 



Moodboard the world is ready.jpg

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Adam, Et All,


I live in Duluth, Minnesota 1500 or so miles from salt water but at the western end of the five Great Lakes that drain into the Atlantic Ocean.  It is the largest port on the Great Lakes  with ocean access via the St Lawrence Seaway.


Duluth is best  known for its cold winters.  Less known is the fact that in the early 1900’s there were more millionaires per capita in Duluth, than any other city in the USA.  This wealth came from the enormous mineral deposits discovered in Northern Minnesota in the 1890’s.  


These mineral barons built an exclusive club to enjoy and to entertain the “Eastern Capitalists” visiting Duluth to conduct business.  They named it The Kitchi Gammi Club, the native name for Lake Superior.  “The Kitch” as it is known to its members is still, over 100 years later, very much a part of the community welcoming members and guests with exceptional hospitality.


For over 32 years a large picture of a beautiful young woman has hung in one of the club’s rooms.  One day, I gave it a closer look and discovered it to be a painting of Emma Hamilton, Admiral Nelson’s Love, by the famous English painter George Romney.  The painting is on permanent loan to the club from a local art museum and was apparently from the collection of one of Duluth’s mineral barons.  


In 2019, my wife and I visited the National Portrait Gallery in London.  I was surprised to find the “same” picture there.  So, did Romney paint more than one picture of Emma? Is the Kitchi picture a fake?  I will see if I can get the club manager interested in the picture and hopefully club members interested in The Trafalgar Project.   




Ps: it is possible that we saw the picture in the Queen’s House Gallery at Greenwich instead of the National Portrait Gallery.



Edited by Roger Pellett
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