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Container Ship Colombo Express by Paul Jarman - Revell - Scale 1/700 - terminated

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Have decided to take a short break from wooden kits and will be building this Revell plastic kit.

It is different from most ship kits. Have never seen a container ship kit before so figured it was worth a go. 

The kit itself is very high quality. There is virtually no flash any where on the parts. Not massively detailed being a container ship. The only real detail is in the ships bridge. Around 70 per cent + of the kit is in the containers. Should look quite colourful when completed.














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Posted (edited)



It looks like the link in your signature isn't actually a link, or is a mis-formatted link. When you edit your signature, make sure you select the text you want to serve as the link (such as "Revell container ship Colombo Express", click the link tool (looks like a pair of handcuffs to me and is next to the quotes), and enter the actual link (https://modelshipworld.com/topic/28943-revell-container-ship-colombo-express-scale-1700/) in the URL box. That should result in this: Revell container ship Colombo Express, which is what I think you want.



Have fun with your project!


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8 hours ago, Canute said:

Masking off all the assorted containers, Paul. They really do have all those colors and the stacks are enormous. Used to drive the NJ Turnpike past Port Newark and these ships are immense. Will enjoy following along.


Yes, building,painting,and adding all the decals will certainly test my patience.


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I had forgotten how quickly plastic kits can be built. This level 4 kit is fairly straightforward. The two hull parts went together without any problems. The hull is now painted. It helped that the waterline was marked on the hull. The deck has been painted and fitted. Painting the parts up on the sprues, except fort the containers. There so many to paint up in different colours it will be better to paint them in blocks rather than trying to keep tabs of all the different parts.







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Posted (edited)

main body and the bridge completed. Have not added the PE railings to the bridge. Have picked out all the steps and other details on the bridge. Bit of touching up here and there and some decals to add then on to the containers. Have built the first block and started to paint them up. Each very small square represents a container. Around 140 to each block and 22 blocks in total. So around 2,000 containers to paint up. May take some time. 

I am stopping work on the model for a few weeks as I am about to start redecorating the flat. 







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Had a slight accident whilst decorating. I had put all my models on the floor along with my stash of kits and other smaller items.

Storing all of the large units first and carefuly placing all my kits and models on top of units as I stepped back I stood on the  model.

The damage is far to much to repair so the model  won't get finished. Only redeeming factor is at least it was this model and not one of my wooden one's, they are now safely stored.

As a result if a moderator or admin wishes to delete this build log to free up space feel free to do so.


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