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Cutty Sark by LeoM - Sergal - Scale 1:78

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Yes, another Cutty Sark build log. 😉

I have been lurking on this wonderful site for some 2 months and I cannot but start a build log myself about the beloved Cutty Sark.

Let me first introduce myself.

I am living in Belgium, so English is not my mother tongue, forgive me therefore my mistakes  in English.


As a youngster I started building plastic planes, the Cutty Sark and Saturnus V rocket, but also gliders (Kleine UHU from Graupner, Piviere from Aeromodelli and a glider based on my dad’s plans) and a motorplane (Taxi from Graupner) in balsa wood. A sailing boat (Collie) and a motorcruiser (Nautic – both from Graupner) completed the collection. At a later stage I built a tugboat (Oceanic from Revell) and started on a pusher boat Thyssen II from Graupner. While at sea, I built the Harvey 1847 (from Artesania Latina) and Bluenose II (from Billing Boats) with little tools. Children, chores and other hobbies kept me away from modelling.

Now as a retiree, I have more time but also more hobbies, but modelism is becoming more and more important in my daily life. So I started by renovating my Collie, as well as my Kleine UHU and completed the Thyssen II.


Going out and flying/sailing with my models will be for after the pandemic and in the meantime I dusted off my Cutty Sark from Sergal. Renovating Harvey and Bluenose II will help me in improving my skills. I bought several books about the CS as well as general books on POB modelling. I also discovered Modelshipworld and now I cannot wait any longer to get started – or continue as only the bulkheads have been placed on the keel.

As I aim for a very detailed ship and will be consulting Longridge book, comparing with the Campbell plans, I allow myself a 10 years building time frame.









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I followed the same course.  My Sergal kit was purchased in the late 1980's and not started until 2009.  Construction took 12 years with attention to detail from Longridge, Underhill, and Campbell.  The plans that I had were of little use and had several serious errors.  I don't know if the errors have been corrected so please check, especially the pinrail and rigging diagrams.  The model is largely kit bashed and scratch built.


It can be done!  Take your time, and always think ahead.  To do a full rigged with sails model you will need a lot more rigging points than shown on the original plans, and a lot more blocks and belaying pins and eyebolts.  Lou

Cuty Finished 1.jpg

Cutty Finished 2.jpg

Cutty Finished 3.jpg

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Thank you Harry and Lou for your encouragements. Very nice model, Lou, I now know what to aim for. I will be asking some advice, case needed (and you can count on it, there will be more than 1 case 😉 )




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It will be my pleasure to help.  don't hesitate.  I like how you secured the keel for framing.  Great start.  Longridge's book was indispensable for hull details.  I simply do not understand why kit plans have gross inaccuracies.  Lou

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At last some progress I can show...

I was not so happy with the dimensions of the frames from the kit and compared them with the Campbell plans. I proofed right and after purchasing plans from NVM, I decided to start bashing the kit and making all the frames by myself. That also meant buying a fretsaw and learning how to use it.

As the NVM plans are on scale 1/100, I had to convert them to scale 1/78. I am lucky that I use LibreOffice and the Draw module has a nice function that makes scaling rather easy. Just add a dimension line and enlarge your image so it fits nicely within the dimension.

In the meantime I also started buying some extra books for further research.

So for now, I can show my first batch of frames from 3 - 70, although some sanding and comparing port to starboard half is still to be done.






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