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hello to everyone

my name is Alex (nickname : axelpaq), I'm 41yo and I live in France (so sorry if my english is not very good - I'm trying to do my best)


it's been a long time that I wanted to build wooden ships - but I was afraid about the skills needed, the accuracy requested, patience, and so one


for a while now I've been on websites (particularly the MSW website) to follow the building logs, and each time being impressed by so many high level models built by so many passionated people


few months ago I decided to cross the river and I bought "La Provençale" from Artesania Latina - it took few weeks (because I'm not a fast builder) but the model is now finished 




I'm aware that there are lot of defects that I can see now - I learnt a lot with this 1st model and I'll try to do better for the next model 


see you !!


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thank you for your replies and your welcome


the next build will be the Mayflower (still from Artesania Latina) - I already started with the skeleton 

I would like to build it as a gift for my boss who will be retired in 1 year about


anyway this model will be a new challenge for me :

* my 1st planking (I will try to follow these tutos Planking Tutorials PDFs - Planking Downloads and Tutorials and Videos - Model Ship World™)

* my 1st rigging 

* much more small parts than for the "La Provençale"


I hope I didn't make a bad choice with the Mayflower.... 

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Bonjour Alex!!!  Welcome aboard.  I love that you completed your first scratch build and have learned a lot and also realize there is more to learn.   A warning for you...... for most of us, there is ALWAYS something new to learn which is a great thing.  A good day is when I see something new here at MSW that will help me on my projects.  


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