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HI All


I am interested in obtaining a 1/350 IJN Kongo kit (I think only Fujimi produce this ship?) but would first like to hear from anyone that has built it and whether there are any recommended aftermarket sets that anyone would recommend.  It does seem quite an expensive kit (as do some of the aftermarket sets) so I am keen to ensure I spend wisely. Thoughts?


Best regards,


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10 hours ago, mtaylor said:

Hi Paul,

I did a quick search and there's no logs on this ship.  It could be that some have built it but didn't do a log.   I hope you get some answers and if you decide to build it, open a build log.

Thanks Mark - this is not urgent but will follow my Warspite build in all likelihood. 


Thanks for coming back to me. 


Best regards


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I have no idea if it is a better model or not but Aoshima makes a 1/350 version:


Still not all that inexpensive.


You might want to look up the possibility of Hiei, Kirishima, or Haruna as well unless it has to be THE Kongo.

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