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Gently used complete set of ship's curves in a mahogany case. I have inventoried them and they are all there. Check last image for a list of curves included.


$100 + shipping from 13456 SOLD!!!

Paypal (preferred) or check.







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On 7/1/2021 at 4:55 PM, druxey said:

For anyone still manually drafting, this is a bargain! I paid far more for my own almost complete set many years ago.

You can say that again! Not only are they expensive, but complete cased sets such as this one are scarce as hen's teeth these days. Those who've got 'em, are keeping 'em! I'm no CAD expert, but if the work of some of the CAD artists on this forum is any indication, is appears that even a CAD expert is going to spend more time than a manual draftsman getting out the same lines. Not so much for straight lines, but generating the curves we see in naval architecture with a CAD program seems to require a very expensive program and a lot of user knowledge and experience way above this tee square and triangle guy's abilities.


It took me several years twenty years ago when they were still somewhat available to collect complete sets of ships' curves, engineering curves, French curves and highway/railroad curves. I find them handy fairly often. The highway/railroad curves are very handy for lining off deck camber. Find the curve with the proper rise at the centerline at the midship point and then use it for every station at the deck sheer and you'll get a fair deck without going nuts. The highway/railroad curves still show up on FleaBay now and again, but the model railroaders are all over them, too, for obvious reasons.


(Trivia contest prize winner: "Modern highway/railroad curves have the identifying information for both railroad use and highway use on the same curve so one set can be used for both highway and railroad purposes. Railroad curves are specified based upon chords of 100' between full stations. Highway curves are specified as the length of the arc with the degree of curvature based on a 100' arc.)

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