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HMS Bellerophon (1786) by fake johnbull - Amati/Victory Models 1/72 Vanguard kit -

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Thank you Mitsuaki,


I hope you signed up to the program.   Adam has the backing and funding once the company picks it up, be it Netflix or some other.  He just needs us to get signed up to show the producers there is an audience for their investment.  If there are any ship model organizations in Japan I hope you will post this information.  I just signed up to a site in Germany at the suggestion of another member here at MSW and will be posting the information there as well.


Thanks again!!!

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Preparation of weather decks planking


Though some of these treatments were done before, I want to tell about them here.


I marked beam positions onto baseboards of fo’c’sle deck and quarterdeck referring deck beam plans of Elephant. These marks will show the points where deck planks should be butted.






Next is preparation of weather deck planking plan.


There is fo’c’sle and quarterdeck planking plan of anonymous 74 gun ship of 1798 on pp.46 to 47 of AOTS Bellona. This plan is showing each plank is tapered and curved towards both ends.




Also outboard plank is blended into next inboard plank like drop strake of hull, instead of joggled into margin plank. Although it isn't showing those for fo'c'sle deck or quarterdeck but upper deck, plan of another anonymous 74 gun ship also shows same feature.






I didn’t represent these features on upper deck planking because planks of both ends will be hidden by fo’c’sle deck or quarterdeck. But most of planks of weather decks can be visible except aft part of quarterdeck which is hidden by poop deck.


So I prepared deck planking plan with Adobe Illustrator.


Below images are sequence how I draw planking line of quarterdeck. Plan for fo’c’sle deck is also drawn in same way. I only hope images below will be help for readers to understand how I drew these lines.














Poop deck is also treated as I did for fo’c’sle deck and quarterdeck except beam positions are referred to inboard profile of Elephant because Elephant deck beam plan isn’t containing that for poop deck.




Finished planking plan are then printed. I printed two sheets of each deck planking plan. One sheet will be used for general reference when I plank each deck.






Another sheet is cut into several sections at beam positions and temporary stuck on deck baseboard edge as guide for checking each plank width.




Planks are set into simple holder I made from surplus woods. I tapered 20 planks at once with help of this holder.






Actually planks should be bent sideways as they are going to outboard. They will be bent with help of heat and steam from kettle.


After these preparations were done, I started planking of quarterdeck. As posted before I split quarterdeck baseboard at slightly starboard area of hatch opening.






Firstly I only glued port baseboard and starboard baseboard wasn’t glued at this point.


I firstly planked fore and aft centre area of quarterdeck because I had to finish tiller rope from wheel and rudder as well as its associating balusters and rail rope. These fittings are last parts to be fitted onto upper deck except heals of other rudders down from gangways or fo’c’sle deck which will be less troublesome.




Tiller ropes and rudder rail rope are finally set using tweezers operated from starboard aperture of quarterdeck. Before gluing rest of quarterdeck baseboard, I photographed these areas with poop deck baseboard and stump mizzen mast dry fitted to their places. Although these areas will become can’t be seen as building proceeds, positional relationship of these fittings connecting several deck levels are quite understandable from this picture.






Rest of quarterdeck baseboard was finally glued.




Although they can’t be seen clearly, tiller ropes are barely visible through rudderway opening by illuminating these areas carefully. I understand this is only my self-satisfaction, but at same time, I’m delightful to see representation of tiller ropes show their value.





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Posted (edited)

Weatherdecks planking


As I wrote previously, deck planking tapering and curving toward both ends is what I want to represent. It was very tedious work to decrease widths of each plank at various stations, but patience and time solve it.


Planking material is 0.5 x 3 mm maple strips I bought from Cornwall Model Boats long ago. Although maple strips aren’t necessary supreme materials for deck planking, they are easily available, and their bright colours are quite acceptable to my eyes. Their widths are varying one by one, but I can select widest one as king’s plank, although its width isn't so obvious to eyes. Also their edges are sometimes coarse but it can be resolved by careful sanding. Anyhow I prefer maple than tanganica for deck planking.


I planked according to method of 3 butt system basically. Peter Goodwin wrote 4 butt method was used for quarterdeck, but deck planking drawing on pp 46 to 47 of AOTS Bellona shows 3 butt basically and are some of butt positions are shifted against regular rule of butt system at various points. Perhaps regular 3 butt or 4 butt system is aesthetically appropriate as model, I tried representing butt system which is out of regular rule.








When planking is closing outer edge of deck, I cut margin plank from maple sheet. My maple sheet show sign of times comparing maple strips, but I accept it as contrast between normal planks and margin plank. Another set of deck planking plan are printed, then temporary stack to maple sheet and cut alongside of lines of planking plan. Then I engraved dummy scarf at some point. Scarf joint positions are determined to not hidden by guns.










After glued margin planks onto deck edge, I filled rest of area with representation of hooked planking. They were shaped little by little repeating dry fitting on their positions.













Fo'c'sle deck is also planked in same way.




















Method of gangway planking is also source of trouble of determination. Victory today shows continuous gangway planking from fo’c’sle deck to quarterdeck, but I believe this is later method. Finally I decided to represent gangway as separate structure between fo’c’sle deck and quarterdeck. I positioned forward end of “Fixed part of the gangway” at slightly forward than Elephant plan to adjust it on aftermost skid beam I previously fitted.




This was also questionable point, but NMM model of 74 gun ship which is related to Turkey around 1800 shows fairly long fixed part of the gangway.







I was encouraged by this model and adjusted forward end of fixed part slightly longer forward than Elephant plan. Also I slightly enlarged inner edge of gangway according to depiction of Goodwin. Maybe widened gangway is matching to permanent skid beams.










I also planked poop deck at this point while I’m remembering experience of quarterdeck and fo’c’sle deck. Major difference is that poop deck baseboard is temporary dry fitted, not glued to its position because I wanted to plank poop deck at the situation baseboard is cambered.









When planking is closing to deck edge, I removed poop deck and glues last of hooked planks and margin plank. This time margin plank is glued at last stage. Inner edge of poop deck margin plank is cut according to planking plan, but outer edge is roughly cut, and cut to correct shape after glued deck edge.









Although treenailing is not yet started, weatherdeck planking is completed at last. Widths of caulking between planks are varied because of my imperfect work, but I’m satisfied to see representation of tapering and curving of planks are fairly well done.










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Thanks for your reply.


Deck planking method is one of aspects which are often neglected, but really interesting topic.


Judging from two models of Diana held by NMM, gangway is separated structure from fo'c'sle deck and quarterdeck circa 1790s, although these examples are of frigates, not ships of the line.






BTW, I'm delightful to see your Bellerophon is showing common improvement with me including anchor lining👍





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Hi Mitsuaki, your deck is beautiful and very well executed.  I think you made a good choice!  I'm currently planking the upper deck of the Diana kit and will be taking exactly the same approach you did to the gangway planking (the plans are not very clear in this area for this ship either).

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