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USS Langley by RGL - FINISHED - Trumpeter - 1/350

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Interesting picture. I did not realize that they had experimented with naval helicopter deployment early enough to have used the Langley as the platform.


As this picture had to be taken in 1935 (+-) be3fore the deck was cut down I suspect that the aircraft was not a helicopter but an Auto Gyro. Very similar, but an Auto Gyro cannot hover and needs forward speed to take off. Still interesting to see that the concept was being looked at at that time.

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1 hour ago, mtaylor said:

it's possible it was a prototype or early production bird.

Possibly this one, or a close cousin:


Pitcairn PCA-2


Just found this. It narrows it down a bit.



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I saw you were finished!  I can't describe how good this looks............this look is harder than displaying her in a battle situation......   "it's everyday life aboard a carrier".  populating her with the people and laundry is a seriously nice look :)   you have done such a superb job with this one.  as for the Jap flying boat........you were just playing........weren't you ;)   you certainly pulled it off with the other planes!  I think though that she should be put on a higher shelf...........it's a 'top shelf' job  ;) 

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