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Spitfire Mk1B by Bob Fraser - Airfix 1/72 - Finished

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Background - 

One day earlier this year I found what I thought was an old penny at the entrance gate to the field where our horses are kept.

When I got it home and cleaned it up it looked like a token with the letters CD with a crown between on it.  After some research it turns out it is the cover of a button from the uniform of a Civil Defence Force member.

I asked the farmer if it could have belonged to a member of his family so I could return it, as he regularly uses rubble from a dumping ground to fill in holes in the tracks.
It wasn't, and he explained that he has an area of land that, during 1941 - 43, Bootle council used as a dumping ground for clearances from the bombing, mainly from the May blitz in 1941. Over the years lots of bits and pieces have turned up, including, gruesomely, some body parts. Over the years other local councils have used Crosby beach front to dump their wartime rubble, and to help create a sea defence.

After 1943 these buttons became plastic / bakelite, and where it came from definately dates it to the Blitz. The members of the Civil Defence Force were initially Air Raid Wardens, but widend into the CDF and became responsible for many other roles during and after the air raids. Liverpool Civil Defence Force

I've found bottles and cutlery but probably this is the most poignant and personal item I've found, belonging to an unknown person who, for whatever reason was unable to join up, took on this thankless and often dangerous job.

My grandfather was a member of the Home Guard during WW2, and one of his friends drove a fire engine His Story which he told me himself but here is told by one of his daughters. And more Civil Defense Liverpool stories Liverpool CDF Awards 1941

These stories and the brave actions were repeated all over the UK.


So this turned into my own little homage to these brave people.

This is the first time I've touched a plastic model airplane in about 45 years, but the button desreved a display, not just to be put away.




Thanks for reading,


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