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Mary Rose

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On 9/11/2021 at 3:32 PM, Louie da fly said:

Johnny, I agree about the upper masts on carracks. It took quite a while before the topmast reached a respectable size, and by that time carracks were being superseded by galleons to a large degree.


As you are aware, there are a large number of contemporary pictures of ships from the same time period as the Wasa which would help as a guide. I would also recommend Anderson's book for the Wasa's period. It's VERY thorough and VERY detailed, and covers just about every source of information available and every detail of masting and rigging, and even goes into the differences between the ships of different nations.





It occurred to me today that my library includes a copy of Brian Lavery's Anatomy of the Ship series volume on the Susan Constant. This ship was built a half-century after Mary Rose, but the mast joins in Lavery's drawings are similar to what's visible in the Anthony Roll drawings of Mary Rose as well as in other contemporary drawings of carracks. 

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Ahoy Mates Here's my Mary Rose while it was in progress. Used the Trust books and the AOTS book and others for the 90%scratch build using the Jotika kits bulkheads and keel only from the kit.  The Only accurate parts of the ship are the areas that were recovered and documented in the Trust book volumes. All the upper works are conjecture . I made my build with starting with a full main gun deck and up. With most of the deck planking missing so you can look down into the hull to see all the decks and cannons. All the cannons were scratch made . I used Syren Minature rope with Chucks custom made deadeyes he made for me. The rest of the rigging blocks were from Radek at HisModels.CZ . Boxwood and swiss pear was from Jeff Hern. If you would like to see more photos just PM me and I will be happy to send them to you or answer any questions.  Thanks Keith Glueck and Pickels

DSCN3094 (1).JPG

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