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Greek Battle Ship “Kilkis” (former Mississippi bb-23) by Panagiotis- scale 1:100 - Finished

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Thank you for your comments and your "like"...

It's only a few days when I received the propellers and their axles and I got down to work.



I made also the rudder using three pieces of plastic, to form a box at the proper shape and thickness.

This box contains a small tube where the axle of the rudder, will be secured by two small screws.

The rest space, was filled with putty.



Waiting for the order of propellers, I made some work on an upper deck and I started painting the hull.







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Hi all.

It was the turn for the stern to be formed.

In the photo you can see the frames of the openings that have been built with 2X1, 5 mm wooden balk, while the rest deck will be planked with 1.5X1, 5 balks.


Before proceeding with the planking, I had also to construct and place a wooden ring as the edge (around the base) of the rear gun turret.

I decided to construct the base of the turret, because as I thought, it would be a good guider and would help me a lot.

The cyclical base was mainly made by two pieces of plastic that were placed together and were reinforced by other smaller pieces between them. 


Then its surface was used to form the wooden ring and it was also used as a support, helping gluing the ring at the right position on the deck.


Now I was ready for the planking.





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Thank you all for your comments.

Your kind words gave me what I needed, to continue with the planking of deck at the prow... 




It was much harder than at stern's, since there are more turret bases.

Again the turrets were initially constructed.




So far I have used 50 meters (164 feet) of 1,5 X1,5 wooden balks, planking those decks.

It is a tedious stage, but had to be done...




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Hi all.

These past few days I formed and planked the upper deck.


I constructed the sides of the deck, the turrets and their openings leaving the gun barrels for later.



I had doubts whether this deck was planked but a father of a friend  of mine (106 years old) he does remember and confirmed me that indeed was planked.

He was captain in a tugboat and he had visited both ships, Kilkis and her sister Lemnos, many times…

Again it took me many hours making a monotonous work… 






I would like to inform you that maybe will be some delay in Kilkis’s progress because at the same time I’m working also constructing a model of Liberty ship.The model is constructed for that previously referred friend of mine and is going to be named with his father name (Captain Dimitris).

Although he (Cap.Dimitris) doesn’t believe that he will see it finished, I would like to do my best…


Thank you

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Thank you John.

I'm afraid I might disappoint you.

 It wasn't in my plans to make a build log for the Liberty model, so I haven't kept many photos from the beginning of it.

 In addition, I don't want to lose time with the build log, as I said I have to finished as soon I can...

Maybe I could do a summary build log,  when I finish the model.


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Hi all, Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Here I’m again back to the Kilkis model and thanks for have been waiting ….

One of the challenges of the model are those cagemasts of the real ship.




I was wondering how this could be possibly built but as most of the times, the help came again through the web.

I found that some other mates have also been challenged and they had found a solution through the pages of an old book, titled as “BUILDING WARSHIP MODELS by P C Coker III” and to my joy, they had published the following picture in a forum…



I started experimenting with different materials (plastic-wooden rods-strips) but I was led in a failure. Consider also the time, when an almost ready cagemast, was dropped down by a mistake of mine... and the time when I had built a cage mast forgetting to build internal structures (floors-ladders) …

Here are some of my tries…post-5339-0-91929900-1398742256.gif



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Eventually I came to the 1mm and 0,5 mm metal (bronze) wires which were responded well.

Because, the first to the prow cagemast, had to be built through the deck of the bridge I had to build also some of the upper structure of this area…



I started building the cagemast, placing only some wires (rods) leaving that way the spaces through which I placed the floors.

The floors were made by metal ring on which I placed painted tulle representing, the metallic gratings…





That’s all for now, I’m waiting for my order of the photo-etched ladders…

Merry Christmas to all.




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Happy New Year to all.

Well the ladders have arrived and have been placed between the floors.

It's hard to be seen in the photos inside a room, so I took the chance to use the Greek sky as a background even in January...

I think you can see two ladders between the first and third floors.



I placed also the shelves for the searchlights and the observation post at the top of the mast, all made by pieces of plastic.



It can't be seen but I haven't placed one last wire because I need an open, through which I will place some fittings

of the open bridge (a ship's wheel, compass). As some other items, they have to be waiting the painting of the mast.




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