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At one time I produced this framing package based upon Allan and Wayne's book.  Since I've retired from the milling business I thought that it might be helpful to post the contents of that wood package for anyone who might be interested in the build or milling this package.  The package was created by taking each frame apart into individual futtocks and laying them out on the corresponding frame thickness sheet.  Hopefully I left enough room between futtocks for the average scroll saw user; however, I did allow for extra material.

The attached pdf file was the package insert from the framing package.  Happy milling!


Wasn't sure where to post this, so please move if better located under another topic.  If there is an interest in any of my other wood packages, just let me know and I'll be more than happy to post their contents as well.


Jeff Hayes



HMS Euryalus 1803 HobbyMill Framing Package.pdf




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Hi Dave,

Great to hear of your interest.  I've retired from the wood milling business and it takes a lot of time to break down each frame and lay them out on the corresponding sheets, so that's why I posted the content here in case anyone would like to start the build.  Suggest that you contact Modeler's Sawmill or one of the other wood milling services with this content list and see if they can mill it for you.  Best of Luck!

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Will post both Swan framing + masting and Naiad when I have a moment.  Swan framing is actually on Admiralty Models website, but its a little hard to find.  It is my wood package list and here's a link:  http://www.admiraltymodels.com/Swan_Framing_Materials_List.pdf

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