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What is your occupation, employment, job or profession?


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Hello friends,


I don't remember who started this topic on the former MSW site, but I wanted to restart this topic, because It's great to learn what everybody's occupation is or was. So let me start by telling you about mine.


I was a data typist for 5 years. After that I became a security officer for 10 years. Now I am a receptionist / administrative employee. As a receptionist I am the first person a visitor usually speaks to. I love my work.

It's great working with people and interact with them, making them feel welcome.


I am also a Data supervisor for our starters, leavers, movers system. Monitoring correct use of the system and insure data consistency. And I maintain departemental procedures and guidelines for reception.


But now, Unilever, my current employer for 36 years, has communicated it’s finale decision to all employees in the facilities department to outsource the facilities department to Sodexo as per 1 May 2013.


Still we do not know what our new employer expect of us. In March, there will be an information session with Sodexo and Unilever about the transition. Also in March we get individual introductory meetings with Sodexo and individual talks about agreements/arrangements.


I guess we just have to wait and see what the future will bring us with our new employer.


Take care,



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I retired in 1991 as Head Accountant for the City of Detroit, Michigan.  Since that time, I have been self-employed as a cruciverbalist (one who constructs crossword puzzles) and I have published over 2,000 puzzles for various magazines and newspapers since my retirement.  I also build and sell scale model ships, of which most are sold in a local antique shop; several are sold to private clients; and two are sold to museums, including the Constitution Museum and the Battle of Plattsburgh Museum.


Gene Bodnar

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I am a Naval Architect by training.  My career is split between shipyards building US Navy auxilliaries (AOE's), US Military Sealift Command LMSRs and US Coast Guard buoy tenders (WLMs and WLBs) and running ships / offshore exploration and production stuff.  I've worked for a major oil company as owner's rep on double hull tanker new builds and many drydockings of the tankers once in service.  I then held responsibility for maintaining our certification under the operating company's health, safety, environmental and quality management system requirements and now manage a group of folks responsible for the corporate marine standards, knowledge sharing and marine regulatory affairs.


Currently wrapping up a King of the Mississippi build and trying to figure out what to start next!

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I am retired now but previously worked as a purchasing agent for a number of different companies in a variety of fields and spent the last 20 or more years as a Registered Nurse (best thing I ever did !) before retiring.  Now I spent my time shop modelling, volunteering. walking my Bernese Mountain Dog, trying to keep fit, spending time on MSW and with my friends.


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I retired 10 years ago but prior to that I managed to spend 37 years in the pharmaceutical industry working for a Swiss multinational company.  Starting as a bench chemist in 1967, I was fortunate enough to work my way up to the position of head of Pharmaceutical Research and Development in the US.  My wife (of 40 years) and I also had the opportunity to live and work in several European countries during this span.


We live now in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado ---- a strange but wonderful place for 2 kids who grew up on the East Coast in sight of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Gee, I have held a plethora of different jobs over the years...Did some time in the US Army, then followed my husband around from duty station to duty station until he retired from both the army and our marriage :o

At that time I took my son and moved back home to Nebraska, went back to school where I earned my bachelors and masters degrees in English and Education. Became a high school English teacher, and after 4 years moved on to the college level. I currently teach Composition and Literature at a small community college in Northwestern Kansas.

I find living out in the boondocks like I do gives me plenty of time for model building as small towns do not present many night life opportunities :P and a 4 hour trip to Denver or 3 hours in any other direction for a town of any real size is not really what I want to do with my time anyway...I much prefer to learn and hone my artistic skills working and creating things.

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My friends described me as a Tribologist that is someone involved in the science of friction but more correctly, the elimination thereof. I was involved in the design and testing of specialty industrial lubricants with specific attributes. Everybody else decribed me as an incurable nut case. Anyhow, I survived and enjoyed the journey and I've now been retired for the past 15 years.



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A geochemist by training, I am now teaching environmental sciences (particularly at the science/society interface) at an university near Paris. A German native, in previous lives I lived and worked in Switzerland, the UK, Italy, back in Germany, Austria, and The Netherlands for a variety of national and international employers, as well as self-employed consultant.

I had a life-long interest in ships, perhaps hereditary, as from my father's side many were merchant mariners or naval ratings.



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Gosh - such a neat assortment!  Me?  Marine Biologist by college degrees though never really worked in the field.  Firefighter/Medic since I was 16...did time as a dispatcher for a regional dispatch center whilst in grad school...Air Traffic Control for 5 years then in Emergency Management & Preparedness for about the past 20 years.  Grew up on the New England coast - family always had a couple or 4 small vessels in the fleet.    Dad was US Navy in WW-II, passed on his love of all things nautical to me.

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I am retired ship constructor (B.Sc.). I worked in the shipyard "Brodosplit" in Split on the Adriatic coast. Later I worked in the steel construction plant in Sisak, as the manager of the factory. Also, worked in IT department in Steel Mill in Sisak, as the software developer for technical problems.

Married, have two daughters and two grand daughters.

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I spent 23 years in the U.S. Navy, retiring in 1990.  As the old saying goes about retiring sailors; I picked up an oar and started walking inland until someone asked, "What's that?"  That's where I settled down (Surprise, Arizona to be exact).


Worked for a Veterinary Supply company for a while, then was hired on by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office as a Detention Officer.  Worked to them for the past 20 years, reaching the rank of Lieutenant.  I retired from the Sheriff's Office as of January 1st.



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I retired after 30 years as a Horseshoer or oversea often referred to as farrier. I now haul horses around the midwest USA. I am only working parttime and looking forward to retiring so I can pursue modeling on a full time time basis. I hate it when work get in the way of my modeling


Geoff Matson

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I am working as a Sales & Contract engineer for fire protection systems in the Oil&Gas market. For this job I have to travel regular from The Netherlands to the Middle East area.


After a busy day/week on my job, I can be found in my workshop or behind my laptop visiting fora and studying for the Vasa history.


I am already a shipmodel builder since 1980 as I then got a kit of the Graupner Tön12. 

Over 25 years member of a Ship modelling Club www.zmcmodelbouw.nl

Within the club I am responsible for the website as webmaster.

since end of last year I made my own website as an addition to the fora I am posting my build logs.


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Hold your breath, here comes mine……


Start working in 1971 as electrician in construction.
After 4 years I worked as a heating mechanic for one year.
Then 1 year as a printer in a printing house.

But working indoors was not for me.   so I change my job and became  a taxi driver for 6 years.

After 6 years I had enough of driving all those drunk people.
So my employer gave me the oppertunity to transfer to their V.I.P section.

In my Trusty car, a Mercedes 300S, I have driven a lot of CEO’s,famous people like the movie star Michael Douglas, popstars like Rod Stewart, Steve Harley, Vangelis and one of the big 3 tenors, Jose Carreras.
I even shook hands with our Queen and other heads of state like Bill Clinton, Yasser Arafat, Nelson Mandela.

My last big assignment was the wedding of our Prince Royal, Willem Alexander and Maxima.

This was kind of a big ‘thank you’ for us, for all the years we had driven the Royal family.

 I drove the second car in the wedding procession with the brother and sister of Maxima, our future Queen in 2 months.
After so many years driving VIP’s it could’t get any better for me. 

When this kind of became less and less I grabbed the oppertunity to become a busdriver. 

Still within the same company.
I drove a lot for Unilever, Anja’s employer.

That is where we met some 30 years ago.
We are together now for almost 11 years and counting.
Together we have no children. 

But I have 3 and 2 grandchildren.
I’m now a bus driver for almost 11 years and I love it!




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After spending 25 years as technical writer on some really neat and fun projects (like getting to drive a tank, working on the first version of what is now GPS) and some really boring and dull, I taught myself to program.  Did a career change and now work as a Computer Semi-Geek.  I've done a lot of the things along the way, photography, free-lance work, shareware.  My passion (after my wife and dancing with her) is model shipbuilding.  I'm hoping to retire in another year or so.

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I have done a few different things from High School to now.


just after high school I worked for a while doing a few different construction trades, carpentry, landscape plumbing, some concrete laying and other related stuff.


then I spent time in the US Air force as an aircraft mechanic.


then a year and a half in the California Conservation Corp's using chainsaws, manual hoists, ran a "portable" saw mill - a VW Bug engine that cut lumber for the National Parks Service.


then I got into computer programming and have done that from about 1990 to now.


as a kid I loved the old ships and built a lot of the plastic kits in the late 70's


also near the end of high school I had a wood shop teacher who restored old furniture and he gave me a love of working with wood.


I have always been trying to learn as much as I can about everything.

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There is a great range of people here.

I spent 10 years at a building supply company, working my way up to managing one of the stores. Spent a year living in Vancouver but when I came home I was asked back to the same company. I left shortly afterwards as a large green big box company bought us out and decided to cut down on the trade side and aim for the cheap/bulk market.


Now I am operations manager for an automotive refinish company. I have been there for about 6 years. One side of the company works with paint and solvents, the other side supplies to retail shops, we also do a small amount of manufacturing.

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Born in "44", learned model building at the age of ten from my Mom ,who taught us how to build stick and tissue airplanes.Raised in the State Of Montana . Joined the Navy in'64', was trained as a dental tech, made false teeth on an aircraft carrier for a tour in the Tonkin Gulf.Got a degree in Horticulture after the service, worked in Sitka. Alaska  as Grounds Super for 30 years. Retired to Lewiston Idaho in 2000. Primarily a train modeler but love ships and planes as well. I have had a Billings Golden Hind under construction for the past few years as well as a Bluejacket Constitution. Should probably finish them up soon.   BILL

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 For the past sixteen years I have been an assistant garden labourer in training on probation.This is a  a position for life  assigned to me by the Admiral  and has a rank from which I cannot progress .  My duties also entail  cooking, shopping, driving and acting as general handyman. In my previous life i was a mathematics  professor.


Sawdust A.G.L.I.T

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Occupation and employment. I'm not sure how that relates to ship modelling except that ship modelling is the one occupation that joins us all in our various diversities, but I'm glad Anja started this topic up again as for some reason I really found it interesting reading about these aspects of other people's lives. I wonder how it would play if we started asking about other aspects of people's lives that are formative of our sense of identity? Might start to get edgy. Food taste? Prejudice? Sexuality? Ethnicity? Type of ship model we like building? Music? Brushes with the law?


Anyway, in the spirit of talking about occupations and employment and sticking to what is safe in social circles, I started life occupied as a baby and am slowly wending my way to adulthood. Born in Prague, my second occupation was by the communist regime and we had to escape as political refugees in 1948. My father, mother and I ended up in Ireland in a small farmstead with a suitcase of our clothes between us.


This led to my third occupation: my parents found me work as an actor and model at the age of 5 and the earnings from that helped us all. For me it paid for my education, and, after deciding when I was 14 to pursue education rather than acting, I eventually got through to university.


After one degree I took up medicine and that was my 4th career.


After a spell in Histopathology, my wife and I decided that our steady jobs were not really the stuff of life, so I started to work in my 5th occupation for Oxfam (UK) first for 5 years in Tanzania, then for 4 years in Malawi.


Been in that kind of line ever since with stints of 9 years each in 3 international development organisations. Since 2006 I've worked as a freelance consultant in health and social development. The work means lots and lots of travel and the wonderful opportunity to learn about life from many different cultures. Probably something many a sea-going person would experience as well.


Most of my work time in the last few years has been in Northern Nigeria. Still based in the UK, though. Gradually taking on less and less work to spend time at home in my 6th, 7th and 8th occupations: time with wife; time with children and grandchildren; and now with ship modelling. Hmmm. Back to modelling. Funny how life goes round in circles. I hope we're spared being refugees again, though.


I suppose it's the diversity that makes us interesting and interested in others whilst linked by the common thread of humanity. And this sure is a forum with a huge variety and diversity of interesting people -- even if we stick with the one aspect of occupation.



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