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United States by Papa - JSC - 1:400 - CARD

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The United States was a passenger liner launched in June 1951 but didn’t enter service until June 1952.  
53329 gross tonnage

1928 Passengers

301.8 meters overall length

4 Westinghouse steam turbines producing 240,000 HP

Crew of 1093 


My first step was to identify every part and sheet and compile a notebook with plastic sleeves to keep every thing organized.

This kit has been on a shelf for 4 years.  I was getting tired of carving whaleboats for my C W Morgan, so I started her about a week ago.  Waited until the hull frames were in place before staring photographing.  
One reason for choosing this kit was that it is on card stock and doesn’t need laminating.




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I have been working on the aft side panels for several days.  The instructions are not clear as to where parts go.  The kit parts themselves often have markings that indicate what number part is attached. Others don’t, specifically these side panels.  The instructions say “attach parts 39,40,41,42,43,44, to part 38 and attach to hull.   Part 38 is clearly the side (parts have L and R indicated).   The other parts are saw tooth looking curved parts of differing lengths.  Eventually it dawned on me that these were to be attached along the curved openings in the sides to have a place to glue them together. The sides have openings so that they fit the curve on the stern.  So here we are. I need to hide that white seam on the port side with some black ink. 



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Another somewhat obvious hint. I put each sheet into a plastic pocket and wrote the number of the sheet on the plastic. As pieces are cut free of the sheet, they go back into the numbered pocket so that they can be found again.  On my previous card ship, now trashed, i had loose pieces everywhere.  Very difficult to find what you need!


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Another lesson regarding reading the instructions carefully.  I left out some parts under those wings including a stairway.  Somehow i missed the box on the deck with the “scissors” icon meaning “cut me out”.  A stairway was to go in the hole and on the deck were 2 partitions called “wind screens”.   I was able to slip these pieces in after the fact.  😬

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There are many things wrong with the build and the errors accumulate.  I am learning as i go along.  I did use some CA to stiffen some very thin pieces a trick i learned from reading Dan Vadas build logs. Something is certainly needed to stiffen the decks. It seems to me that trying to spread CA over that large an area would be a messy job and could cause more problems than it solves. Gluing folded tabs on corners and edges leads to problems also.   I think one needs to score and fold inside the line by the thickness of the card otherwise the dimension increases by 2 times the card thickness.  I may try this on the next few cabins.  Overall this kit is a learning experience.  

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