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NRG's Capstan Project modeled in Shapr3d for iPad

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Hi All, 


With a return to onsite work slowly approaching full-time, my modeling at home has taken a severe and gut-wrenching slow-down.   For context, I commute 2.5 hours each way, 5-days a week.   I take a bike, a bus, a boat and a train - so lots of down time just sitting.   Ive been looking for ways to scratch that itch and express my interests in ships and ship modeling when I cant be at the bench at home and started messing around more seriously with available "soft-CAD" programs available on things like iPad.   Some time ago I discovered Shapr3d and used it to design and build my home workshop and found it incredibly useful and very intuitive to use.   This is not a full-featured CAD program, and it is likely that a seasoned CAD user will likely find it limiting.   However, if you simply want to tinker casually without being bogged down by 1000 features you'll never use, and are looking for a way to build things when you cant be in your workshop than this is a great option.   


When I first picked it up I had ZERO experience and learned the program pretty quickly.   The available online tutorials help a great deal.  


In the last week, I used the practicum designed by @tlevine available at NRG to build the British capstan project virtually.   I did all of this work in 2 hour stints while traveling to and from work, using the pdf of the plans to model each component and then assemble.   I still intend to build this project in wood very soon, but for the time being found this little exercise well worth it.   In either case, its a great way to prototype ideas and work out designs.   I tried to build as close to the specs and steps outlined in the practicum.  In a way, I think Im better prepared to have a go at the real thing as now Im intimately aware some of the complicated aspects of the model design.


Modeling the beams and carlings...


Modeling the capstan step, marking out, bolt holes and brakes...




Grate ledges, grates....


Barrel, Drum Head, Welps, Chocks, Chains




Final Assembly, Completion



Edited by Justin P.
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