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Ringle by Homebrew - Artesania Latina - Scale 1:50

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I started this AL Kit of the Harvey about over 20 years ago.
I put it aside to start another kit then never returned to finish her. She was my first attempt at ship modelling so I have made a number of mistakes.


It is time to finish her off.


She is not in bad condition - most of the pieces seem to be present with only a few broken bits.

The Hull is fully planked, all of the deck structures are complete, the cannons are build (of course), and two of the masts are built along with most of the yards.


I usually play audiobooks of Patrick O'Brian while in the ship yard so in honour of the great man I am going to call this Baltimore Clipper "The Ringle".



I dusted off the hull, then added a coat of Tung Oil



The masts and deck furniture are in good condition.



It's surprising that not more was broken, but fortunately there is very little damage.


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On 9/15/2021 at 9:53 PM, Spellapeaka said:

Very nice! I am at about the same place on my Harvey. Looking forward to watching the build!

I had a look at your build. Nice work!
Also our kits seem a little different, it looks like AL updated the kit. The deck furniture is different and the instructions now have pictures are are more than 11 pages long

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I was off crock today so I did some research on the Ringle


From Wikipedia:

The Ringle is named after Ken Ringle, a Washington Post journalist who sent a book about Baltimore clippers to Patrick O'Brian in 1992 just before he wrote the final chapters of The Wine-Dark Sea. O'Brian was so grateful that he introduced the Ringle into the books and named it after the man who had introduced him to the type[2].

She is used by Aubrey as a tender to his 74-gun ship HMS Bellona in The Commodore and The Yellow Admiral. The Ringle also appears in The Hundred Days and Blue at the Mizzen.[1].


I have all of the Aubrey-Mateurin novels so I flicked thru these four books. They didn’t state the full armament of guns, or the crew compliment.

From the Commodore, p120, “He trundled along until he came upon one of the Ringles carronades.” which means the Ringle definitely had carronades rather than long guns.


From The ships of Jack Aubrey website (https://www.ctbasses.com/misc/BruceTrinque/aubrey3a.html)








More from Wikipedia:

A full scale sailing replica of this schooner, the tall ship Lynx, was built at Rockport, Maine in 2001 by Woods Maritime under President Woodson K Woods, and then operated in California. Her home is now Nanntucket, Ma transferring from port of registry previously Portsmouth, N.H. Lynx now sails the eastcoast from Maine to St Petersburg, Fl frequenting ports of Boothbay Harbor, Maine - Nantucket, Ma - Martha's Vineyard - Annapolis, MD - St Simons Island, Ga - and Tall Ship Event ports of call.

A model of the schooner as HMS Musquidobit is on display at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


The Lynx replica was built from the British Admiralty Lines measured from captured American Baltimore clippers  (https://tallshiplynx.com/)

This is a trailer of a documentary about the Lynx. It’s worth watching because it shows so much detail on the boat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNWdRGAAjfM


Screenshot from the video shows that the Lynx had rear gunports:


It also has a couple of nice images of carronades





This was time well spent. The Lynx site has detailed information on the ship that was most likely the source for the Ringle. I’ll definitely be replaying the video when I work on the rigging.


It makes sense that she has carronades because they are lighter, require fewer men, and have a much smaller footprint on the deck.  Aubrey would have wanted her light and fast rather than as a pure fighting ship.  Ringle has 8 gunports on the sides and two at the stern.


So….here is my question.
from The Commodore p131 “Mould was held with 3 turns around the tiller”.
The stern ones are interesting because Ringle has a tiller, however a fully rigged Tiller doesn’t leave room for guns at the stern.


Is it likely that the stern ports were used only when necessary and didn’t have a permanent cannon at the gunports?

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1 hour ago, Homebrew said:

I had a look at your build. Nice work!
Also our kits seem a little different, it looks like AL updated the kit. The deck furniture is different and the instructions now have pictures are are more than 11 pages long

Yes, they did update the kit quite a bit. The deck furniture was prefab by AL, and it was all unusable. It was fun remaking it all though, and at the least, the prefab stuff was a nice guide for re-creating it. I think I purchased the kit around 2000, I'm not entirely sure what year they changed it. 

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