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3 hours ago, Douglove said:

can you think of any other tools i would need.it comes with clamps,knife,tweezers,brushs,and paint.

The wise and economical way would be to wait until you get to a point where you need a tool and then buy the one that balances quality with how much you will use it in the future. 

Better for you would be to see if and how firmly the hook gets set with your interest in this hobby.   It has a unique advantage of being bounded enough not to be over whelming but broad enough that you could never cover it all.   Starting simple also allows you to explore tools and paint that you would never use again or use if you "knew then, what you know now".


This is neigh on to impossible for me, because I have an obsession about being as self sufficient as possible.  But then, I do not have to answer to anyone about how much I spend and on what.

A tool obsession can get expensive if you let it.  


I trust that you have looked at :   For Beginners - Cautionary Tale.

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This might sound odd but it also depends on your situation- age, experience, etc.  If you already have a workshop with common woodworking tools, or if you are starting out in life and intend to build up a shop, than you only need to consider what you need to supplement what you already have.


If you have nothing, that’s a different story.


I would add a decent quality vice, and a razor saw with mini miter box to your list.



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