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I've been building P-51,Lagg-7,Do-17

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hate to break it to you, but on the tenth of March 1944,  the 2nd Staffel of the Versuchsverband OKL had one.......by the 30th of March,  they had two.  at the same time,  respectively,  one turned into two P 38 lightnings in the same time span.  as time went on the numbers grew and shrunk,  the list is somewhat long......Mosquitoes,  P-47s,  lightnings,  Spitfires,  Mustangs,  Harvards,  and Typhoons.  they focused quite a bit though on bombers......at any time they kept no less than at least 20 in the air,  and that was just the B 17s.  there is a glossary in the back of the KG 200 book that timelines the existence of these planes and how many were airworthy.  it's a good read :) 

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There were several planes they didn't acquire, mostly the late war US navy aircraft, but there is one interesting aircraft they never obtained a copy of good enough to make flyable again... the B-25 Mitchell...... And it flew throughout the war.. At least that is my understanding..... (could be wrong)

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according to this book,  there are no B 25's or late war aircraft that were used by the Germans.  I'm always on the look out for other books pertaining to this subject.  the fact that there were decal sheets on the Wulfe Hound and Sunshine is a bit interesting.......I would imagine that this subject has been visited in the past.  more browsing needed ;) 


later on in the war,  there was a lot of turmoil in the ranks.......high ranking officers were being killed......and the foiled attempt on Hitler's life.

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