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Orient Express Sleeping Car 1929 by aydingocer - Amati - Scale 1:32

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BUILD DAY 11: 2 hrs (TOTAL: 30 hrs)

Buffers and leaf springs installed in place.


Figure 126: More filing to enlarge the holes.



Figure 127, 128, 129: Several pictures showing the setup. 






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BUILD DAY 12: 2 hrs (TOTAL: 32 hrs)

A new milestone: Starting the wall partitions today.


Figure 138, 139: Treating a warped piece. They have to be as flat as possible. I soaked it in water and nailed on a flat surface. Will wait for some time (maybe overnight).




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22 hours ago, wefalck said:

With all the detailed undercarriage work, you may consider displaying the coach on a mirror, as it is sometimes done in museums ...

Yes, part of my head is thinking of a nice display solution, which allows under part as well as inside visible. The roof will be removable allowing to look inside. Maybe something like a mirror on the bottom and roof partly open to the side.

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20 hours ago, Canute said:

Will there be any kind of piping running under the frame? Brake piston(s), steam and air lines. I assume with quality of the kit so far, these items will be added further in your build. As Wefalck says, using a mirror may enhance the views.

Right now I intend to build as far as what is available in the current kit. Maybe I dare to add other things later.

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