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Photographing your models

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I've taken plenty of photos of my models, mostly in-process on the work bench. Sometimes I'll make an effort to take some beauty shots, always with so-so results. But my brother, who is a pro photographer, showed me some tricks using my PILAR model. Am I likely to pick up the same tools he has? Not too likely, but a lot of it actually isn't too much of an add, assuming you already have a decent camera.


My impromptu lesson took place in my garage, with a big piece of black fabric for a back drop, and a coffee table to hold up the model. 

The main "tool" was a soft box-  a big umbrella like thing with diffusers and a strobe inside. This was arranged over the model to rain soft parallel light down from above. We played with a reflector panel to get some bounce-fill, and even resorted to an old photo flood to fill in a dark spot. The process had a lot of trial and error: take a shot, examine it, adjust the lighting, it was all magic to me.


It was hardly a complete studio, but we made do with it to get some decent shots. See more in the scratch build gallery under PILAR. 



My brother Wil doing his thing in the garage:




Better view of the soft box and reflector:




Using an old flood to fill in:




... to get results like this:


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I have my own studio and been shooting people for more than 10 years. But for photographing your boat here is my first tip which will basically cost you 4 euros but improve your photos to almost professional level. Buy a large piece of white paper, place it on a table which is very close to a window. Thats it... you can even use your phone to photograph. 



If u want to have some variation, buy a black paper as well. A static model doesnt need complicated lighting. But it needs lots of light so all details are visable. So make sure to be very near a large window. 


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